Part of the Master’s in Management Programme is completing a Cross Sector Project. This involves working in a group of fellow MiM students from across all streams, and answering a project question that is broad and offers the opportunity for us to consider & embed our learning across different sectors, creating links between different companies to explore and answer this broad question.

While the topics can cover a variety of subjects, our topic concerned how digital technology was changing the way companies do business. The topic was thus very relevant to current events, and we also had the opportunity to incorporate what we saw during Business Immersion Week, just three weeks earlier.

In addition to working with students from different streams who we normally do not get to work with, we also get assigned a project mentor. Our mentor was part of the Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy programme at LBS, and he was an invaluable resource. Not only did he have much experience in the area of digital, but it was also great to meet people outside of the MiM programme, and learn from them and their many experiences.

Looking back at the project, it was in many ways representative of every experience at LBS. You get as much out of it as you are willing to put into it. Our group put a lot of effort into this project, and as a result I believe its been a really rewarding learning experience. Its strange, yet encouraging to take a step back and look at our final product, and to see how much we’ve learnt over the past few months. In a week we find out about the finalists and who will get to present in front of the judges. Fingers crossed!

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