By way of introduction my name is Augusto Ramos and I’m currently studying the Masters in Finance at London Business School (LBS). Having completed the first term of the MiF I would like to share my experiences. I’m a 25 year old Brazilian with over 4 years of professional experience in corporate finance and asset management. I worked for two years at SC Johnson in the finance department, working with budget planning and analyzing the financials of new product launches for the Home Cleaning segment. I then decided to leave SC Johnson after two years to join a Brazilian start-up asset management firm, working as an equity analyst analyzing consumer staples companies. Prior to joining LBS I took a four month internship at Dynamo Capital LLP, an asset management Firm in London, analyzing European public companies. My main motivation to study at LBS was to leverage my financial knowledge in a global environment.

The Events

Early last year there was an event called “Working in the consumer goods industry” where different LBS alumni working for different companies came to speak. One of the guys that came to campus works for AB InBev (the world’s largest beer company).  Getting to hear about his experience there and the work environment made me 100% sure that I wanted to work for a company controlled by the 3G group. LBS offers you opportunities to meet these people and attend numerous events where you can network and meet professionals from any company or industry you are interested in.

The Study Group

One of the best things at LBS is being divided into study groups for the Core Courses. The groups are split to reflect culture and sector diversity. In my case, I ended up working with classmates from Portugal, India, Malaysia and Mongolia. This is an amazing experience as you get to practice how to deal with cultural differences (and there are plenty!) and differences in group opinions! These are things you will most definitely encounter in your professional life and having an opportunity to deal with this is very fulfilling if you want to work in a global environment.

The Classroom Experience

I have been really impressed with the teaching at LBS.  My favorite class so far has been Advanced Corporate Finance. This covers not only different methods for valuing companies and projects, such was DCF, multiples, real options and so on, but also how companies deal with capital structure decisions, deciding whether to go forward with project finance or corporate finance, ways of financing investment decisions and what differences need to be accounted for when performing cross border valuations. This area of corporate/project finance is a big interest of mine.  Each different aspect mentioned above was backed up with real life case studies, looking at what different companies considered before making investment decisions. Analyzing what went right and what could’ve been done better has given me a great deal of knowledge.

London Location

Besides the weather, literally everything about London has been excellent – going out to pubs with my friends after class, (yes it is possible) and during weekends, running in the park and playing football and of course enjoying watching Premier League matches! I come from a country where due to security and infrastructure issues, I am not very used to having the freedom of moving from one place to another at any time I want and for cheap prices, so being able to get the tube late at night to go to someplace 1 hour away from my place has been unique as well. Life in London is great, and if you get used to the weather, the pros are miles better than the cons!

6 Responses to “My Masters in Finance Journey so far…”

  1. avatar Curso de pintura Hidrográfica says:

    Cool guy, his story inspires me, and helps me to continue in this battle, now I’m more determined that I want to graduate.

  2. avatar Guilherme Zanin says:

    Parabéns Augusto, excelente artigo!
    Vivi um tempo em Londres e, como você comentou, apesar do clima a liberdade da cidade é algo incrível.
    Se puder me passar o seu contato, gostaria de fazer algumas perguntas sobre o processo de inscrição, bolsas de estudo e tudo mais, por favor. Você deve ter vivido o que estou tentando fazer e gostaria da sua opinião.
    Novamente obrigado e parabéns!

  3. avatar mario brafmann says:

    mr. ramos – very disappointed after reading your erroneously labeled ´essay´ on your LBS experience. most of all, with the extremely derrogatory, poor, negative description of your country, depicted as a terribly dangerous jungle-like place “to go to someplace (sic) 1 hour away from my place”…where the heck do you come from, mr. ramos? nairobi, kuala-lumpur, the east-side new York? come on, chap! wake up, become more realistic, stand up and fight for the progressive, futuristic, more encouraging aspects of your country! and foremost, become worthy of tha nationality you are furiously trying to deny and hide! honre as calças que dizem que você veste, guri! você, sem duvida, deve ser afeminado o bastante para se exibir tão hesitante, tão medroso, tão cheio de dengos!

  4. avatar Nikolay Koychev says:

    London is a great city to live and work in. The weather is an issue, but with some big opportunities in all kind of businesses it is a minor factor. Thanks for posting Augusto

  5. Thank you for such interesting post. Of course, London is a marvelous city to visit. And of course, the weather is not the main issue cannot prevent people from all over the world to travel in.

  6. avatar Sam says:

    Thanks for sharing. We have also hired people coming from LBS and they never failed to impress.
    Good luck on your journey!