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Nationality: Indian
Topic studied and University: (Dual Degree) M.Sc. (Hons.) Economics and B.E. (Hons.) Civil Engineering, BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus.
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Everybody has a story to tell, just be sure to sell yours in the right way.
About me: I was picked up from a university in the middle of the desert in India and dropped in beautiful London. I love travel, history, culture, food and photography and the next one year promises to offer all this and more. I believe that variety is indeed the spice of life and thus love trying out new things. I’ve done quite a bit- from hot air ballooning in Egypt to sea-cave exploration in the Philippines. Yet, I find walking down the quaint British streets just taking in the surroundings as exciting an experience! Yes, I’m quite crazy that way, but as they say, “all the best people are”.


Nationality: Greek
Topic studied and University: Law, Queen Mary, University of London and University of Athens.
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Avoid being overly GMAT-centric and don’t underestimate other equally important parts of the application such as the essays and the interview. Demonstrating passion and commitment is really important but only if it’s genuine, so just be yourself. Last but not least, stand out from the crowd and be prepared to answer with conviction some basic key questions: “Why you?”, “Why LBS?”, “Why London?” etc.
About me: Born and raised in Greece, I studied Law for six years and, beyond the academics, I divided my time between travelling across Europe, learning Kung-Fu and reading history, philosophy and politics. After specializing in Business Law, I decided to satisfy my great appetite for business by taking my studies a step further and the MiM programme seemed the perfect place! My relationship with London can very well be described as “love at first sight”. It’s an amazing international hub with unique character and it also satisfies three big passions of mine: Good (preferably spicy) food, galleries and… Chelsea F.C.! Post-LBS I see myself in the exciting consulting sector, combining constant client interaction with my great desire to travel and explore new places!


Nationality: Canadian
Topic studied and University:
Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Biology and Psychology at Queen’s University, Canada.
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school:
Aim high, think ahead and just be yourself.
About me: Although I was born and raised in Calgary, Canada, I have a passion for traveling and discovering Asia. I’ve spent my summers researching telehealth at the University of Calgary, developing fundraising campaigns for the Kidney Foundation of Canada and initiating community intervention sites with MAMTAT Health Institute for Mother and Child, India. I have a love for global health, emerging markets, dreaming big and meeting new people. After the MiM2012 program I hope to pursue a challenging and rewarding career in the healthcare industry!


Ankit Class: MiM2013
Nationality: Indian
Occupation before London Business School: Worked as a Business Analyst in the Risk Management department at Oracle Financial Services, Bangalore.
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Research thoroughly and start early. The application process is a chance to discover your aspirations and take stock of your life, just enjoy the process. The Business School applications are demanding so be ready to put in a lot of effort because the result in the end would be worth every bit of it. Every word in your application essays count, so re-read and edit it multiple times to churn out the best work of your life. Apply at the earliest.
About me: I believe in setting tough goals and achieving them in the end, no matter what. A line that has stuck with me for some years now is “Its your life, make it large”. Dreams fuel my life. Photography and reading keep me interested. I can re-read J.K. Rowling’s work infinite number of times without ever getting bored. Traveling and exploring diverse cultures is according to me, perhaps the best way to learn about the world. London as the cultural melting pot of the world, provides a great opportunity to soak in the diversity although I am a bit skeptical about the winters in Britain.


Nationality: Romanian
Topic studied and University: BSc International Business and Management, Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham, UK.
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. It’s all about attitude.
About me: Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania. Moved to the UK to study back in 2007. A contrarian at heart, I tend to think that everything popular is wrong. I’m very passionate about new ideas and I believe in the power of being different, in a way that makes a difference. My business inspiration comes from Henry Ford and Steve Jobs and I also enjoy the works of Oscar Wilde, Frederic Beigbeder and Dostoyevsky. When I’m not on the LBS campus I’m either on a sports court (football or tennis), listening to some good indie music or in a Cessna above the earth enjoying the freedom of flight.


Nationality: Dutch
Topic studied and University: Earth Science & Economics, VU University Amsterdam
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Check what you have actually written down in the essays. And again. And again.
About me: Born and raised in the Netherlands I spent most of my days in and around the small but charming Amsterdam. The times I don’t spend riding my bicycle, swimming in the lakes, playing football, having fun with friends or actually studying I love to travel (5 continents so far) and gliding my skis down the Alps. After my (already!) fantastic time at London Business School I hope to step into the dynamic world of conventional and renewable energy.


Nationality: Spanish
Topic studied and University: Business Management and Law, University of Valencia.
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Start as soon as possible and do not underestimate the time and effort that is needed to prepare a compelling application.
About me: I was born and raised in Valencia (Spain). After graduating and having some experience in a law firm, I decided I wanted to internationalize my career and focus on the business side of my studies. I was delighted to know about the inaugural class of the Masters in Management since it seemed a perfect fit for me. And both the program and the school have exceeded my expectations so far! I love all kind of sports, especially football and tennis. And I am also and enthusiast chess player!


Class: MiM2011
Nationality: French
Occupation before London Business School: Mathematics with Economics at University College London
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Focus!
About me: PASSION. We are the stories we tell ourselves, and mine is very much a story of passions. I do things passionately, be they read all Tolkien in one sitting or watch all the extended edition dvds of the same. I am quite into sports, swimming and rugby which I’ve just started, and have discovered I’m also passionate about business. I hope to go into strategy consulting, but I’m trying to make time to take advantage of all the opportunities at the school, sports, networking, competitions… In fact, I’d say these few weeks have been some of the most enthralling of my life!


Nationality: Russian
Occupation before London Business School: State University Higher School of Economics (Moscow) – BSc Economics; University of London External Programme (Moscow) – BSc Economics and Finance; Evraz Group – Project Management Department
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Nothing beats being honest and confidentAbout me: I was born and raised in Moscow; it is drastically different from London in many ways, which makes life and studying here immensely exciting for me. I enjoy meeting diverse people and reading; I am keen on cycling and snowboarding; I really like The Beatles and I am a huge fan of open source software community: not only the software part but also the way the community is organised. All my efforts at the moment are concentrated on pursuing a career in an industry, preferably starting as a job in a consultancy.


Class: MiM2011
Nationality: Bulgarian
Topic studied and University: [International Relations, Sofia University] [part-time Media Analyst at Commetric, Bulgaria] Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: “Invest as much time and effort as possible in the preparation for the GMAT and in the application process itself! Do not underestimate any component of the application process, since all components are equally important for your success! If possible, try to attend one of the Information Sessions held at London Business School to receive a real insight into the advantages of the Masters in Management programme!”
About me: A passionate person who loves challenges and multicultural interaction! In my free time I love reading books, going to theatres and musicals, and listening to Chopin, my favourite composer. I am very much into aerobics and skiing which is my favourite winter activity! Travelling is another passion I love following. Most people would describe me as an outgoing and sociable person, which by the way is not at all far away from the truth! I am a hard-working person but I love balance in my life! The main thing that brought me to London Business School is my endless quest for challenges, diversity and international experience!


Diane Class: MiM2013
Nationality: American
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Do your research! Find out what program coursework is like and what the brand of the school is like. The brand reflects the strength of the alumni, and the alumni add value. The network will have a huge impact on your career for years down the line.
About me: I am a 23 year old from San Francisco, California. I love to dance, watch and take part in theater, travel, take pictures, and laugh with friends. Laughter is truly the best medicine! I have very eclectic interests: wine, clean technology, and real estate to be specific. I would like to go into Marketing upon graduation.


Nationality: Hong Kong
Topic studied and University: Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Think about your own reasons for joining the school
About me: Having spent five years in other parts of the UK, coming to London is quite a big change, from dealing with real estate agents to figuring my way around the tube. As my first year here, I am excited by the diversity in the backgrounds of Londoners, as well as leisure activities such as musicals and quirky art exhibitions. In my free time, I try to brush up on my French, do voluntary work and take some dance courses.


Nationality: British/Canadian/Hong Kong
Topic studied and University: Economics, University of Chicago
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Download and read the essay topics long before the deadline, so you can let them sink in, think about them, and take your time to write.
About me: Travelling is my biggest hobby. I have travelled to nearly 40 countries and studied in the above four, and the more I see and experience, the more I want to keep travelling. There is so much to be learnt simply by walking around different areas, and observing how people work, play, and interact. That was also my rationale for coming to London Business School – to get the European perspective that I lacked. I also like photography – but don’t you think sometimes it takes you away from observing right there, and learning right then?


Jeremy Class: MiM2013

Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Student
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: As generic as it seems, the best advice I got was to “Be yourself” and to “Be honest”. There’s a reason why every reputable school, application consultant, past students, etc. all say pretty much the same thing—and it’s not because there’s some sort of conspiracy. It’s because being honest about who you are, what your goals are in life, and what are your next steps are really the best way for you to sell yourself AND the best way to find out whether or not you’ll fit into the school (and whether or not you’d regret it later on).
About me: I’m very interested in opportunities to get involved in social enterprise and in opportunities to learn about a wide variety of different industries. My short term goal is to work in management consulting in order to learn as much as possible about different industries and about working with different types of people. My long term goal is to become a serial social entrepreneur, starting social enterprises in a number of different fields and geographies. I guess my ideal self would be some kind of fusion between Richard Branson and Muhammad Yunus.


Nationality: Canadian/Polish
Topic studied and University:
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Human Biology from the University of Toronto (St. George)
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Highlight qualities that you can bring to the LBS community in your application. All networking is reciprocal!
About me: Science geek and journalist. Before LBS I interned at the Discovery Channel as a television research intern, spent a few months in a lab coat researching schizophrenia, and became Editorial Board Manager of a Canadian science journal. I am currently a member of the Women’s Touch Rugby team, Healthcare Club, Marketing Club, and an unofficial resident of the Windsor Castle (the campus pub). Feel free to contact me with queries, quips, questions and quibbles about LBS.


Class: MiM2011
Nationality: American
Occupation before London Business School: Studied International Public Policy with a minor in Mandarin Chinese at Vanderbilt University. After graduation, I spent a year in China teaching English, studying Chinese, and finally working at the USA Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Do your research… and start it early! Thoroughly researching schools will not only help you find the one that will be best for you, but it also will help you immensely when writing your application essays. And make sure you start that process early! There is a lot that goes into business school applications and it takes time.
About me: I wanted to be a professional tennis player, and trained as one for 6+ hours a day, pretty much my entire life until I suffered a back injury at the age of 17. While playing, tennis provided me an incredible opportunity to travel. I have visited more than 35 different countries and I enjoy the experience of learning about another culture and how to live in another place. Attending business school in London is another such opportunity and I am loving it so far, though, since I’m from the “Sunshine State,” I’m a little scared of the upcoming winter!


Class: MiM2011
Nationality: Belgian
Occupation before London Business School: Law, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Make sure you are highly motivated, because if you are it will reflect in your application. Also don’t forget to attend information sessions on campus or on fairs, because this will give you the real ‘feeling’ of how the people at the school are like.
About me: I have studied 5 years of Law in Belgium (of which one exchange year in London) with great pleasure, but this didn’t really fulfil my hunger for business. I decided to take my education and my self-development to a higher level, and London Business School seemed the best place to do this. When I’m not at school I like to travel as much as I can, whether it is to the other side of the world or close by. Also, good movies and nice restaurants tend to put a big smile upon my face.


Nationality: German
Topic studied and University: International Business, EBS London
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: To thine own self be true
About me: Born and raised in Germany, I’ve spent the greatest part of my adult life (if you can call it that) either in the UK or Europe/South America meeting people, learning languages and travelling. I’ve spent some time in investment banking before coming to London Business School, and am now looking for the next challenge!


Mihir Class: MiM2013
Nationality: Indian
Occupation: Student
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Don’t be afraid to boast and sell yourself to your full potential. Make sure the admissions team knows what you have done and what you are capable of. Being humble won’t help you stand out from the scores of applicants who are equally accomplished.
About me: I studied Engineering and Business Management at University of Warwick for my undergraduate degree. I am quite an enthusiastic person always looking to add to my collection of interesting experiences and stories, so I expect this year in London to be full of excitement. I thoroughly enjoy travelling to various countries to learn interesting facts of the world and the MiM is like travelling to 42 countries at once.


Class: MiM2011
Nationality: United States
Occupation before London Business School: Did a double major in Biology and Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. Also, right after graduation, I spent about 15 months working in South Korea as a project manager and teacher.
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Do not underestimate the amount of time that everything will take you! Studying for the GMATs will take longer than you think, doing your essays will take longer than you think (if you do them correctly), getting all the references will take longer than you think. . . you get the idea. Leave plenty of time between when you think you’ll get something done and when it actually needs to be done by.
About me: I am a Belarusian that moved to the United States (New York). I love food, travelling, nature, adventure, exploring new cultures, meeting new people, doing new things, and having good conversations. I deeply believe that the world would be a better place if everybody helped each other (I actually have an economic, scientific reasoning behind it; it’s not just an altruistic feel good idea). I believe that opportunity is sometimes found in the strangest places and that one should try as hard as possible to limit the usage of the word “no.” I believe that experience is the best teacher.


Class: MiM2011
 Nationality: Egyptian
Occupation before London Business School: Systems Engineering, Economics, and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Virginia.
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Be armed with hope, courage, focus, and perseverance.
About me: Born in Austria, I have lived in Egypt, the U.S., China, India, and Turkey. I love travelling extensively and figuring out what values are timeless and universal across cultures. My intellectual interests are classical music, museum visiting, writing, photography, and reading literature. I consider myself an aspiring global entrepreneur and hope to use my skills and knowledge to impact the world in a positive way.


Nationality: Indian
Topic studied and University: Electrical & Electronics Engineering, National Institute of Technology, India
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Ask yourself, what makes you interesting? Then tell your story to the world.
About me: When I was 4, I looked like Donald Duck. When I was 18, I turned into a wannabe rock star who had a more successful (read existent) pop career (Sigh)! A music maniac, travel enthusiast and diversity freak – I am known for my hearty laugh and backpack! Born and brought up in one of the most multicultural and multilingual countries, India, I have an inherent appreciation for cultural diversity. For the last three summers, I have been backpacking all over Europe on my own, learning new languages and making great friends along the way.


Class: MiM2011
Nationality: Dutch
Occupation before London Business School: BSc Medical Natural Sciences and MSc Management, Policy analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life sciences, VU University Amsterdam
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Keep asking yourself the why-question on every sentence you write down, in this way you can elaborate and clarify your arguments. And of course, be yourself and tell only the truth.
About me: I grew up in the beautiful city of Amsterdam and this is my first time living in another country. So I’m extremely excited about the international experience at London Business School and I’m enjoying to meet so many diverse and international people. I like hanging out with friends and listening to music, and I’m really a busy bee, always enough to do. At the moment I’m very busy trying to get the best out of my year in London and of course I’ll keep you updated with my experiences!


Nationality: Indian
Topic studied and University:Computer Science Engineering at BITS Pilani (India)
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: “The school does not choose you, you choose the school”
About me: I love change and creation as a cause of change. I’ve travelled extensively across Asia, Europe and North America. I like to write, make films and all other forms of independent creative expression. I also enjoy talking with people from diverse backgrounds and trying to understand what matters the most to them. My days in London Business School so far have been enlightening and I’m thrilled by the endless opportunities to learn from the school community.


Nationality: British
Topic studied and University: International Relations and History, LSE
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Nothing to lose and everything to gain, so just try.
About me: Born and raised in beautiful Yorkshire, but originally from Kerala in India…I advise everyone to go there at least once in their life if they can! Coming to LBS has been one of the most nerve-wracking, exciting times of my life but it has been great. I love travelling (Machu Picchu this summer was a jaw-dropping experience), running (recently completed a half marathon – will only be running for the bus from now on) and voluntary work (which has introduced me to a lot of things I wouldn’t otherwise have seen). My family and friends are awesome. Oh, and…I love living in London!


Class: MiM2011
Occupation before London Business School: Bachelors in Business Administration, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: “Plan in advance”. Seriously, this might seem like your average-joe advice, but believe me this is the most important. Be it planning your undergraduate grades up to the mark years before your masters degree application or reading and re-reading (and again, yes re-reading) your essays, make sure you have plenty of time. And don’t wait till the last minute to apply, especially if you have visa issues!
About me: Born and bred in Pakistan, I have a passion for debating. Be it on my live television show or at a Model United Nations Conference, I have a very hard time trying to keep my mouth shut. I love meeting new people and trying new things (currently trying to pronounce French correctly), both of which London Business School is taking to a whole new level. Having never seen snow in my life, I am eagerly waiting to experience everything snow related. And oh, I’m hopelessly addicted to chocolate (feel free to judge).


Class: MiM2011
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation before London Business School: Double major in Finance and Accounting at University of Minnesota, USA
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Start your application process early. Don’t wait until Christmas to take the GMAT.
About me: I was born and raised in Beijing until I was 18, then moved to the States for my undergraduate studies in Minnesota. I love travelling. In the past four years, I’ve visited over 50 major cities in four continents, and London is absolutely one of my favourites. The city has so much to offer and it’s nothing like New York, L.A or Tokyo. If you’re a football (soccer) fan like me, you’ll fall in love with London immediately. I’m having a great time here at London Business School. All the people I’ve met have amazing stories and there’s so much I can learn from them.


Yang Class: MiM2013
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation before London Business School: BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Warwick
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Aim high, don’t underestimate your potential, and know yourself! This is one invaluable year, so make sure this is YOUR decision!
About me: Born in China, but moved to Zimbabwe when I was 12, and had a roller coaster ride ever since. The African spirit lives in me, the desire to give something back to the continent and being creative and entrepreneurial are what drive me everyday. My interests include philosophy, bad music, risking my life when experiencing exotic foods, losing weight – easy task, I try and give up every day!


Class: MiM2011
Nationality: China/Hong Kong
Occupation before London Business School: Mathematics with Statistics for Finance, Imperial College London
Best piece of advice I received when applying to business school: Think about your future. How do you get there? Act, and don’t regret.
About me: I was born in Shen Zhen(China) and raised in Hong Kong before I came to the UK for A-Levels. So I have been here for 5 years but sadly I still haven’t picked up any British accent due to the diversity of people I met. Hopefully, I will be able to mock it for at least 5 minutes when I leave this country. In my spare time, apart from trying to squeeze some pennies out of my website, buying some dirt-cheap lens for my camera and cycling to a part of London where the engines of BA planes would deafen my ears, I always fantasise about making lots of money by developing a mobile application.