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As my mother told me, when I was still in her womb, she was shifted to three hospitals due to some last minute complications. So I have quite a history of travelling right from the beginning. But it took me another 17 years to meet people of a different country. You can blame it on Indian humid weather or my parents’ depleted bank balance. And while travelling around the world, I found that I was more comfortable (read challenged) with bowing in front of Singaporeans or greeting people as ‘Monsieur’ or ‘Madame’ rather than confining myself to folding hands, the Indian way of greeting people.

When my work stopped challenging me, I started looking for avenues where I can get challenged, but still feel belonged. And here I found London Business School. I attended many drop-in sessions and met many alumni of London Business School and what most attracted me other than the glow in their eyes when they speak about the school was that I never met two people of same Nationality or professional background. Right from that moment, I knew that London Business School is the plane I want to board and travel with passengers of different nationalities.

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