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So the glamour of being accepted into one of the top business school’s in the world wore off early in the summer and it was time to dedicate time and efforts once again towards becoming an LBS student.  The one thing that people fail to mention when preparing for entry into an MBA programme is that the actual post-acceptance work is MUCH harder than getting in through the door.  Getting through the door requires the usual motions – business experience, extra-curriculars, GMAT, essays, interviews.  All fine and dandy.  For any prospective students out there, beware of the prep-work involved before school starts.  Securing financing, visas, and scholarships is a full-time course called Paperwork and Bureaucracy 101. 

Here I am, writing this entry from the Madrid Barajas airport, less about 25 hours away from the start of Orientation.  A long story involving  a delayed visa has me arriving to London only hours before the start of classes.  Rest assured, however, that the excitement of joining the top business school in the world (that’s right, the LBS hat came on), far outweighs any bureaucratic pains that you might have to go through in preparation.  The start of term is here and so is the beginning of what I expect to be a journey of a lifetime.

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