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About a year ago, when I was in the thick of prioritizing the programmes I wanted to apply to and of them, the ones I badly wanted to get into, I put London Business School on that list. Very high up on that list. In fact, on top of that list. I am not saying that because I am here now, but because I truly did want to be here then as much as I’m happy that I am now.

So, why London Business School (LBS)? Let me tell you right away, it wasn’t for the weather. :) It seemed to be the sort of place that attracted people who genuinely wanted to learn from a diverse peer group, to put themselves out of their comfort zones and make an impact. The school itself wasn’t paying lip-service to providing a global experience, but actually did. I was inspired by the personal courage and motivation it took the people who were here already to move continents to be a part of that experience. We are increasingly in a world where cultures and ideals collide everywhere we look, and the problems that face us increasingly remind us of the inter-dependencies between countries and economies. But there aren’t as many organizations that prepare us to work harmoniously and confidently in it, nor have many of us been as fortunate to have experienced this learning in the past. But at LBS, this reality is part of the very fabric of the education it provides.

Beyond that, there is a spirit about London and that spirit is very much a part of LBS. Just as it is in any other place, you might argue, but this place is special. There is something very classic, and yet contemporary; so much history and yet a striking modernity; an acceptance for the new and diverse, and still a respect for some time-honoured traditions. It is hard for me to say exactly which of these and in what order, influenced my decision. But all I can say is, I feel like I’ve come home.

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