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Ok, so here comes my second post. When I decided to write this blog I planned to write on it once a week. A month ago I skimmed quickly the timetable and realized we would only have five mandatory courses per term. I was wondering why everyone was keeping me worried that I would be sooooo busy this first term…  I thought that this people had no idea how hard I used to work before coming to the MBA. Now, one month later, I have to fully agree with them and give you guys the same strong advice: you will be really BUSY on your first term!

I am coming to the conclusion that MBA is all about time management. It is not only the classes that keep us busy, but the full range of events that happen (from sports and social clubs to career coaching). Right now I am coming back from a dinner with LBS friends and in a couple hours will be heading to party with another LBS crowd – after spending the day working with my study group on our second graded assignment.

Another big lesson from this month is to be ready to manage the information flow. I used to receive around 200 emails per day at my previous job. I left for the MBA feeling that those times were over and that from now I would only have to handle a couple emails per day. I was wrong (again!!). It is almost impossible to describe the amount of information coming from the most various sources (portal, student association websites, emails, verbal announcements, etc…).

I am getting used to receive emails, facebook messages and calls from family and friends complaining that I disappeared, that I don’t care about them, etc… (by the way, it is not true, I love you all!! :)). But the nicest part is that despite busy, it is an amazing time. Every day I realize I am surrounded by brilliant people. In few weeks I got to know and love to work with my study group, it is amazing how much we learn from each other. The hospitality from the MBA 2012’s and especially the organization of the sports clubs also impress me every day. I can already feel that many people I’ve met over the last weeks will be friends for life.

Well, I will have to stop here. I am already late for the next LBS event!! And based on the above no promises when the next post is coming…  ;-)

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This blog is about my life as a MBA student in London. It is not only about London Business School and its excellent courses or about tourist things to do in London. Although I will mention all the latters on my posts, I’m most interested in telling you about my experiences as a student here in London.

Ok, so let’s start from the beginning:

Who I am? Female, 27 years. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Living the past 4 years in Miami, FL USA and working as a project manager for an environmental consultancy company, which gave me the opportunity to travel to several countries around the world: from Japan to Argentina including trips to China, Vietnam, Ukraine, Germany, Jordan, Canada… among others. You may think that after all these international experiences I would have no problems joining the international community of LBS MBA students (which counts with students from 66 countries!), but…

I arrived at the school last week and noticed we would have assigned seats at the classroom. There was a seating map identifying us by name and country flag. I met my “neighbour”, who would seat by my side for the next year and told him: “Hello, I am Ana from Brazil, you must be my neighbour from German, I saw your country flag on the seating map”… for which my neighbour politely responded “Hi Ana, nice to meet you, I am actually from Belgium!”… Ooooopsssss…. Not a very good start! But as I said there is always something to learn… :)

I plan to use this blog to tell you about these experiences in London (and will also use it to keep my family aware that I am alive and doing well, so I save some money on the calling cards, hehe!).

Next post will be about the beautiful “summer” weather I am facing in London unless something more interesting happens in the meantime.

See ya!

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