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A year ago, while I was researching different business schools to apply to, I came across the terms diversity and study group a lot, while reading about LBS. I always wondered, why LBS the LBS study group experience would be so different and what was the big deal about diversity?

It’s only when I came to LBS, I realized that I was wrong. Unlike many other schools, the people at LBS were truly diverse, in terms of nationalities, professional qualifications, interests and hobbies. Moreover, to my surprise the people were not only smart and accomplished but incredibly friendly and helpful as well. To top it all, each study group is carefully picked to ensure that you spend your whole 1st year doing projects with an extremely diverse group of people.

Still not convinced?? Well, guess what happens when you put the following people in a team and ask them to compete:

•    A Greek Phd in electronics who has designed advanced medical monitoring devices
•    A French animal welfare professional, who is an expert on bears and can speak 6 different languages
•    A Scottish Doctor, who has worked in Hospitals as well as Cruise Ships and is an excellent surfer
•    An American Banker who has spent a considerable time working in Brazil and Dubai
•    A Mexican venture capitalist, focused on investing in social enterprises who is also a wine enthusiast and an avid football fan
•    A Chinese sales and marketing expert with  5 years of experience in selling consumer goods in China
•    An Indian game designer and entrepreneur with some experience in financial services

Well, that is a typical study group at LBS, who typically take some time to get comfortable and then they get together to win bottles of champagne!!!

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