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I am what LBS likes to call a “triple jumper”, meaning I am one of the few unlucky (or lucky) people that discovered that I am not on the right track career wise, and so am looking to change companies, job role, and geography; three moves in one. Plus, I have only the slightest of ideas of what it is I want to do with my life.

My next few posts will be about how I have, and will, deal with the search for giving meaning to my life through my career, and how LBS is helping me to find this.

The truth is the entrepreneurial bug is keeping me up at night and begging me to take that scary step forward, so this is clearly my number one objective. But you soon learn at LBS to keep your options open especially at the beginning of the MBA.

However, you soon get lost in the middle of so many career paths that LBS presents to you right from the beginning. The trick is not to panic, make a plan, and stick to it. My plan is as follows:

  • Attend all the club kick-offs and hear what each industry has to offer.
  • Talk to as many people as possible to get a sense of what it means to work in a certain role.
  • Eliminate those that do not interest you.
  • After elimination, focus on what is left and research the hell out of it, attend all events, and start networking.
  • Pray you reach some sort of conclusion before having to start sending out CVs.

Next post: my first steps.

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It’s only the beginning…

Posted by: Martim
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Preparing for the start of the term basically means two things: Going through hell to find an apartment, and then on the way back pass through orientation week. The flat hunting begins nicely enough; you’ve just arrived in London, it’s the big city, lots of people and things to do (and pints!). Then you begin getting on those green Minis and start hearing the Foxtons people telling you “soooo, your LBS?! Yes, you’re the 8th person I’ve shown apartments too! You’re a little late mate…” You see one apartment, then two, then four, then ten; Too expensive, too gloomy, too far, too close. Just when you start to despair, luck for some reason knocks on your door (not the doors you have so rationally and diligently been knocking on mind you).

Orientation week is a lot of fun, I must say from the start. However, it is brutal. Be prepared to memorize 293 names (just because 400 is not feasible), and then forget them altogether, going through embarrassing “hum, so what is your name again?” You meet your study group, and go through some purposefully organized “games” in which you end up getting to know your real friends. Looking back, it has been an incredible two weeks. And it is only the beginning!

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