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Why I chose London Business School

Posted by: Richard
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I was born in London, schooled in London, and have worked in London for the last seven years, so why would I want to go to business school in London? This was a question that was posed to me in my interview for the MBA at LBS and I must have convinced my interviewer as I am writing this during my first week of classes!

Firstly, I wanted to go to the best school, and according to the FT I’m lucky enough to have the best school in the world on my doorstep! Secondly I wanted a truly global experience – the new improved MBA programme with a compulsory international assignment, and the incredibly diverse student body and study groups are currently unsurpassed amongst rival schools.

Personally, as I will be devoting a huge amount of my time to the MBA, I wanted a school where my wife would be welcomed and be able to get involved – the extremely active partners club does such a good job in including partners, and most of the schools clubs welcome partners to their events and treks.

So far LBS has exceeded all my expectations, and I’m looking forward to more!

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