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Life’s been quite hectic. Apologies for not being able to write for so long. But I am back – my philosophical self! We’re having a cricket tournament with-in LBS. There are two pools with 4 teams in each pool. Yesterday happened to be one of the matches between a Masters in Finance team, of which I was a member, a playing member (not on the bench i.e.), and an MBA team. It was a low scoring match and the MiF team was defending a meagre score. We made quite a match of it – the MBA team needed 4 runs of the last two balls. The playing conditions weren’t the best – it was wet and cold. There was a slight drizzle and the ground was very slippery. Since I was called upon to be a part of the team at the very last minute (courtesy our team captain – who happens to be a good friend, but more about him later), I could not get into my sports shoes and decided to carry on with the match in my casual, and very slippery, shoes. Now pay attention as all my words here will soon evolve to having a very deep philosophical real life meaning (Amit, stop praising yourself!). So here I was, having done well as a bowler, conceding only 9 runs of 2 overs and having taken 3 wickets, standing at the square leg position a few steps into the boundary saving the ball from crossing over for a four. The bowler, who was maintaining a decent line all through, bowled a leg-sideish delivery which the able batsman gently guided towards me. The shot, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t have yielded more than 2 runs. But muah slipped – the ball went past me – crossed the boundary – and the MBA team won the match. One of the darkest moments in my cricketing life – I think my name will be etched in the record book for the worst fielding performance!!! Anyway, the day went by, there were several deadlines to be met, which is all pretty normal – 24 hrs is never enough. But later towards the end of the day when I sat down thinking about the match, it just struck me that how important it is to have the right tools. Only if I had changed into proper cricket shoes, if I had the right tools, the right equipment, had I not slipped and would have definitely saved the boundary and who knows, may be our team would have won the match as well. The message I am trying to convey here is that so often we keep going on about our lives thinking that we will manage – like my career before LBS. I thought I was working for the finance sector, knew how businesses were run, and therefore thought knew it all. What LBS has given me is that all-essential tool kit that I need to avoid slippages. Now I might not have slipped in real professional life, but with the “spikes” that I have got from the Masters in Finance course at LBS, the solid foundation in fundamentals and much more of Finance, Accounting, and Economics, definitely means I can SPRINT on the Finance Track. Without worrying about slipping! Watch out real world – here I come!

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