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Here’s looking at you, Kid

Posted by: Charles
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          It’s my first experience writing for a blog, and it’s tough to put myself in the readers shoes. All the more because my guess is that you’re trying to put yourselves in my shoes. So let me tell you about me, and please leave your comments so I can know about you, and what you want to know.

          Before orientation, a few other MiMs and I planned some time in London to settle into the city. This was an amazing time; I started meeting some of the super-keen people in my class. About a week and a half before the start of term, we started meeting up with some of the MiMs. I already knew one, who’d crashed at my place for a few days over the summer, and meeting the others went smoothly. We gathered in the local pubs, and had some meals together; the Saturday before the start of term a 40 strong group was at the Volunteer, a pub nearby, just to say hi. After that one of us invited 50 or so to his birthday/flat-warming. There was no coordination from the school, instead people organised this themselves!

         Uber Keen-ness seems to be a common feature of my classmate: I also got the chance to go to the gym with some future classmates (argh, 7 30), and I was particularly happy about the fact that a dozen MiMs joined me at the library Wednesday, the day before class started, so we could throw ideas around for the upcoming entrepreneurship good ideas competition. Out of that some groups were formed, one of which actually made it to the top 3. Well done them!

         To sum up my first impressions: ‘I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…’

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