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On September 4, the members of the Masters in Management class of 2015, the programme’s largest and most diverse group of students yet, first stepped on the LBS campus in central London as official members of the school community.

This day marked the beginning of an intensive twelve months course – and already the first two weeks of the program (orientation and foundations) have been truly intensive. Before the start of lectures and seminars, a lot of value is put on gaining the relevant soft skills relevant for the recruitment process and on building strong bonds with fellow classmates and students from the school’s other programs.

Orientation encompasses two days of a variety of events. Being guests in London’s City Hall, we were fortunate to listen to valuable insights from London Business School Dean Sir Andrew Likierman and Simon Hay, CEO of consumer science company Dunnhumby. Moreover, our first sundowners, LBS very own tradition of bringing students together for a drink on campus on Thursday nights offered the opportunity to get to know fellow students and alumni better and begin to build a network.

Throughout the first days on campus, new students are being welcomed by staff, current students and alumni who share their thoughts on how to profit the most from the resources of London Business School. During MiM Away Day, study groups  - teams of five to six students who will work on group assignments together throughout the first four months of the journey – have to meet several challenges in an outdoor park to later on enhance group performance in the class room.

The fall term, for many students filled with application deadlines for positions in consulting and finance, encompasses four different courses: Finance, Financial Accounting, Leadership in Organisations, and Management Analysis and Systems. The curriculum is complemented with various workshops to enhance CVs, job applications and to work on one’s soft skills.


So far, two words come to mind, when I reflect upon my experience during the first few days here at LBS.

Diversity: The Masters in Management class of 2015 is diverse in various respects. Students from all continents and from undergraduate disciplines ranging from art history to nuclear physics come together in London to learn from one another and share their experience. Which is also quite exceptional for a business school is that 40% of the incoming class is female. Having studied business administration at a small German business school during my undergraduate years, the opportunity to work on group assignments and case studies with students from different academic and regional backgrounds was one of the main reasons for me to choose London Business School. Now, I am looking forward to learn from the experience of a civil engineer from Lebanon, an economics major from Bulgaria, a fashion technologist from India, a finance major from China, and a business student from Switzerland in my study group.
Proactiveness: Even though only a few weeks have passed since the beginning of the term, I am really impressed by the proactiveness of my fellow students. My classmates have given tours of the Tate Modern, helped one another when moving in, organized study groups to prepare for case studies and finance interviews, and set up weekly yoga classes. I hope that this proactiveness will continue for the upcoming 11 months to enrich the MiM experience of every individual class member.

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