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On the bright morning of August 7th of 2010, a plane arrived to London. Soundly landing, the aircraft deposited a 28 year old Ecuadorian at the pulsating heart of the United Kingdom. Suitcases arrived? Nope. Stopped by immigration for thorax screening tests? Of course. Hours later as he left Heathrow a question popped up: “Concerns?” His answer: “None whatsoever.”

This man was aware that an era was starting. He reminded himself: “this is an era of opportunity: an era to play with risk.” He was miles within reach of London Business School. Minutes away from starting the MBA experience. “Let it surprise you”, he thought, “welcome the new.”

SantiGold blasted on his IPod and a lady glanced at him at the Tube. If you were her, you would have seen the following: a ridiculous and shameless broad smile with a face attached to it. A man arrives to London. He thought about this: “a man arrives to London.” He knew the moment was wondrous and reflected: “Where will this journey end? I am happy I took a leap of faith. I am happy and privileged to have the chance to do this.”

A word had to be said. Homage to the city ought to be paid. As soon as the MBA starts, a different bubble within London will emerge. So he reached into his pocket and found a torn napkin a New York poet shared with him the prior eve. The napkin contained a quote. A Virginia Wolf quote. She wrote about this city in day and night: “”One might fancy that day, the London day, was just beginning. Like a woman who had slipped off her print dress and white apron to array herself in blue and pearls, the day changed, put off stuff, took gauze, changed to evening, and with the same sigh of exhilaration that a woman breathes, tumbling petticoats on the floor, it too shed dust, heat, colour; the traffic thinned; motor cars, tinkling, darting, succeeded the lumber of vans; and here and there among the thick foliage of the squares an intense light hung. I resign, the evening seemed to say, as it paled and faded above the battlements and prominences, moulded, pointed, of hotel, flat, and block of shops, I fade, she was beginning. I disappear, but London would have none of it, and rushed her bayonets into the sky, pinioned her, constrained her to partnership in her revelry.” Let this angle shape your aesthetics, do not fail to discover London.

Tube arrived. He did mind the gap. Keys at hand, arrived to his temporary accommodation. “Game on”, he headed on to meet classmates at Flat Hunting Pub Crawls.  A week into this process, he wrote this:

“Excited patterns of vision zigzag across airy gardens, letting agencies lobbies, wooden floor pubs. The life projects of 400 global business leaders meet at a unique crossroads for a fresh departing point: London Business School.

Indeed! “Hello London, Hello Business World” The London Business School MBA class of 2012 to Britain has arrived! We hope you are ready!

1/3 of our class has arrived to London ahead of the start of Orientation on August 23rd. The remaining 2/3 are swooping in from locations across the world. It already feels as though our worlds are boiling with fresh positive energy. Our conversations become more audible by the day.  Our points of reference are shifting, gradually.

In midst of managing the frantic yet enjoyable processes of securing accommodation, choosing personal productivity gadgets, and other minutia, we settle in. The buzz is tangible. Connections are building themselves by the day. Backpacks have reappeared into our closets. The word “budget” is again relevant. And everyone is fixing themselves ready to face head on this opportunity with initiative. Set the terms for excellence in execution and performance.

Until next Monday, when Orientation starts, our minds escalate, in spirals, dreaming hard and fast about what the next two years will be like. One thing is clear. We made the right decision. London Business School will be a challenge, and adventure, a revolution to our professional paths. Nothing stands still here. We are being positioned to have impact.”

Since then, two weeks have passed, the grin on the face remains. Orientation on 23rd and 24th of August took place. The poetry of the moment has landed. A business leader’s mind is now emerging.

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