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  • There is always someone at LBS who knows the answer to your question. 
  • Don't mass post on discussion boards. It's really annoying. You don't want to be that guy / girl.
  • There are other pub options in NW1 besides the Windsor.  Try the Swan & Edgar.
  • Though you think it won't happen, you will talk about the weather. A lot. 
  • There is occasionally nice weather in London.
  • There are very few secrets in the MBA.
  • Though you try to fight it, you will use British phrases – e.g., I now fancy things. Also, see "bits and pieces" in blog title. Another British-ism I've picked up along the way.
  • There is such a thing as Club Conference fatigue. You don't have to do everything in autumn term.
  • You will make friends from pretty much all over the world. Diversity = LBS.
  • First year really does fly by. 

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NYC Media Trek

Posted by: Kimmi
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The Media club at LBS is hands down the best run club on campus.  I know that's quite a contention but I do think it deserves the praise.  I just returned from the first-ever LBS Media Trek to NYC. In a span of two days, 13 students from the MBA class of 2010 and 2011 (as well as some on exchange in NYC) met with 7 companies representing various aspects of the Media realm.  We met with companies such as Google, Time Warner, Meredith Publishing, Limewire, MTV Networks, and Digital Broadcasting Group to name a few.  Because of the small group size we got to spend quality time with executives at each company learning about their business, challenges, and opportunities. Moreover, since the trek was on a Thursday and Friday, we even got to enjoy a rather sunny weekend in NYC! 

If there's one piece of advice I'd dole out to future students – its find out what clubs you are passionate about and become active in them – it's truly one of the more rewarding aspects of the MBA!  And, if the club doesn't exist, you can always be the first to start it.  Now I'm looking forward to organizing the Entrepreneurship Club Conference coming up in May…which I suspect will be another high note of my first year MBA experience!

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The beauty of Sundowners

Posted by: Kimmi

Oh, sundowners.  How I love thee.  In case you are wondering what Sundowners refers to, it is essentially a standing party of sorts that takes place at LBS every Thursday between 6-830pm.  A group of lovely volunteers from the Senior MBA class serves free (yes, free) wine, champagne, and beer to all LBS students.  It's marvelous.  Given that most students dont have class on Fridays, Sundowners provides the perfect opportunity to close out the week and kickoff the weekend.  My favorite part about Sundowners is the many conversations I hear transpiring – from one extreme to the other.  Here's a select sampling of what I can recall from this Thursday (names disguised, and statements paraphrased):

Conversation 1

Student 1: Flip cup rocks.

Student 2: What is flip cup?

Student 1: Oh, man you don't know what flip cup is?  You are missing out!

Student 1: So what is it?

Student 2: Only the best thing the Americans ever invented.

Moral: Try new things.

Conversation 2

Student 1: I'm flying to New York this weekend to close my deal.

Student 2: That's great, so you sold your business?

Student 1: Yes, just finalizing details.  Got more than I even expected. Ready to start my next venture this summer through Entrepreneurship Summer School. Looking for partners actually.

Student 1: I'm in.

Moral: Don't shy away from the unplanned / unexpected.

Conversation 3:

Student 1: I miss X (some food chain in the US). I want to become one of their franchise owners and expand operations to the East Coast of the US.

Student 2: You know I know the owner?  

Student 1: You're bull*itting me.

Student 2: No, I am serious. My Dad and the owner met in Asia;  I have known the owner for ages.  I can introduce you.

Student 1: Yes, please.  Unreal.  I'm so glad I came to Sundowners.

Moral: Go to Sundowners!

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So what did I learn during the first month of my MBA?  The key takeaways from Orientation are that…

  • LBS does not just play lip service to diversity.  Where else would you find a study group comprised of a Brazilian, a Brit, an Indian, a Singaporean, a Bulgarian, a Swiss, and an American that all get along, and choose to not just spend their days working on assignments together, but also socializing and cementing friendships on personal time?
  • If you want to do something, someone else probably does to. No matter what crazy activity you conjure up, you will find company.  Want to watch an American football game at 3am? You are not alone.  
  • It's okay to fail (not in classes, mind you).  LBS is a safe environment – our study group encourages each other to take risks – take on a finance role when all you know is marketing. We're all here to expand our horizons; if we knew everything already, we wouldn't be here in the first place.
  • Going out three nights in a row spells trouble.  Whatever you thought you could do in University is much harder to sustain and much more painful now – especially when you have 815am class the next day.  You have been forewarned.
  • Time management and prioritization are key.  There are not enough hours in the day for classes, case reading, working out, attending club kickoffs, friend's birthday parties, and sleep.  Something's got to give and it's up to you to decide what.
  • You will change your point of view. Cynics (and I count myself among them) are challenged at every level – whether it be on a particular academic subject  or a particular management style.  Can you teach someone Ethics? I thought not, but I now believe that you definitely can increase moral awareness by teaching the subject.  Go figure.
  • Networking = MBA.  If you learn nothing else (which you would be hard pressed not to), you will learn to be a superb networker.  And there are plenty of opportunities to practice – at the Windsor (the pub next door), at club kickoff events, in the quad at lunch, with EMBAs in the evening…

So what's the moral of my first month's learnings?  Essentially, that it's not impossible to learn and have fun at the same time, especially when you are doing so with friends from all over the world. 

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