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Why I chose London Business School

Posted by: Krassy
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Why London Business School? Current students have been asked this question so many times in essays, interviews or even by your friends. And the current candidates… well you need to practice  this question in front of the mirror until you find the perfect answer that fits your professional background, career aspirations and your personal preferences. But here is my answer and it probably sounds a lot like what many of you are thinking, but this is how my answer actually fit the reality when I arrived here:

The school – The LBS brand is known across the world and many leading companies recruit there. The academics and faculty are worth mentioning and as some LBS professors left world class schools like MIT and Harvard to teach here.

The city – Well, it’s true the weather is not a dream but I love the many faces of London I get to experience every day. Hundreds of languages, faces and cuisines are surrounding you everywhere you go and there is never a boring minute with all the events around London.

The student body –   the same London diversity is reflected in the student body at LBS. We’re not talking US-business-schools-international but a true global environment with more than 90% coming from overseas. But here are the facts:

  • 406 students coming from 62 nationalities
  • Largest female class up in LBS history at 33%
  • Average of 5.5 years of experience varying across the board and including a model, a pro golfer and a vet.
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