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Posted by: Liberty

I came to London Business School for many reasons, but an important one was that I wanted to build my skill set in order to help me both acquire and succeed at the type of job I wanted. The opportunities for such have been limitless here!

London Business School provides ways to improve almost every skill you can imagine. Orientation started with workshops on presentation skills and how to read the Financial Times. The numerous clubs on campus gives anyone who wishes a chance to hone their leadership skills by joining the Executive Committee, and the various social events that mix MiM students with the MBAs and MiFs, as well as with employees from top companies, allow students to develop their network along with their networking skills.

Beyond that, the MiM programme office developed a “Personal Development Plan” programme that I am taking part in. The programme office has arranged multiple skill workshops that cover skills like: presentations, speed-reading, time management, Excel, etc. In return for the knowledge, I had to complete a “Personal Development Plan” that detailed four areas that I want to improve. Not only are the workshops great, but the programme prerequisite plan also got me to think about what skills I need to develop, which was a great first step towards actually doing it! Career Services has also allowed me the opportunity to practice interview skills, case-cracking techniques, and assessment centre competence.

Finally, the MiM office gave all of us an opportunity to sign up to have an MBA mentor in a sector related to our interests. These mentors help us with our overall career direction, job applications, CVs, interviews, and in the end are just there for general support.

This year has been and is going to be busy and stressful, but the time management skills necessary to get through it, along with the various other skills I’m picking up along the way will contribute significantly to my personal and professional growth.

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