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When I think about the last term, the first words coming into my mind are: job hunting, career trainings, workshops and coffee chats with alumni. Don’t get me wrong, the first three months at LBS have been an amazing discovery of professional opportunities! But I also felt I was so focused looking for my dream job that I missed so much from the LBS community. So this term I turned page!

I wanted to network with more MBA students while doing something useful and interesting.  There were so many options I considered: participating in the organization of Tattoo 2014, joining a startup project in the school or getting an active role in one of the LBS Clubs. My choice ended on the Impact Consulting Club.

What attracted me of this club was the opportunity not only to gain some concrete experience in the consulting field (let’s be honest, it won’t hurt on my CV in the future!), but also to have a social impact through the project I would have worked on.  So I wrote my application during the winter holidays and I happily joined my team at the beginning of January.  What an experience have been so far!

The project I have followed with other 5 MBAs is called Made in Marylebone. This London association welcomes homeless women, helping them find a place to live after counseling and professional training. Our project had two specific goals. Look for solutions to make the center financially sustainable and develop new strategies to involve more women in the center’s activities.

Well, the project is almost over now and I can truly say I had a great time! First, I loved to work side by side with MBA students.  Not only there was always a friendly and collaborative atmosphere in the team, but they were also very happy to share with me their knowledge and expertise.  Second, having the possibility to visit the Made in Marylebone center and talk with women living and working there made a huge difference in our work. It all came down to observing a problem and implementing concrete and reasonable solutions. Isn’t that what consulting should be about? :)

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Abigail and Sharon, our great contacts and formal clients from the center


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The first term is over! This week we finished our exams, and after few nights in the library studying with my classmates and drinking liters of coffee, I can finally enjoy the Christmas atmosphere of London. While some of my LBS friends have already left for exotic destinations around the world, I will spend another week in the city. And I’m actually looking forward to it!

London is definitely a magic place in December. I love to walk from LBS to Oxford Street where many shops have already decorated windows and walls with Christmas lights and cheerful pictures.  I don’t even mind the cold weather which gives you a perfect excuse to enter into a Starbucks and order a large Caramel Brûlé Latte.

Actually, my favorite place in London is now the Southbank Christmas market, a collection of little wooden chalets selling hand-crafted gifts and tasty German food. Surprisingly, while you walk through the stands you hear Abba songs rather than Christmas carols…but who doesn’t like ‘Mamma mia!’? ;)

Another place I won’t miss revisiting before leaving for the Christmas holidays is Winter Wonderland.  This is the place to go if you want to have FUN with your friends! Roller coasters, the ice skating rink, an observation wheel and many sport games can keep you busy for several hours (and for a very reasonable price in London!).

Well, Merry Christmas to everybody!  :)

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