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Tattoo 2011

Posted by: Loicque

Dear readers,

I hope you enjoyed the many posts from the other MiM bloggers! I believe I am the first to tell you something more about Tattoo. Actually, I cannot believe nobody wrote about it sooner, since Facebook has been full of it for a week!

So, you might want to know that London Business School is not only about classes, seminars and exams… The School also offers an amazing range of sports, recreation possibilities, language courses or parties. Before coming to LBS, I was told that Tattoo was THE event of the year. Therefore, you can imagine I immediately bought a ticket once I received the email telling me to do so. That appeared to be a good idea… since it was sold out in no time!

It’s pretty hard to describe Tattoo to someone who wasn’t there. It could be a festival, a talent show, a food market, a party, and so much more! For the real deal, check out: I am kind of a foodie, so I went from stall to stall and tasted the Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Lebanese, Thai, Spanish, German, Canadian and Mexican food. There were another twenty stalls, but hey, one’s stomach has limits ☺. After baking some delicious waffles at the Belgo-Dutch stand, I left for the Tattoo after party.

I could tell so much more stories about this great night, but let me finish by this: Come to LBS and experience it yourself!

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Dear readers,

Let’s simulate a little magazine-like test:
Question #1  - Describe the relation you have with your agenda:

a)    I have an agenda, but I don’t really use it that much
b)   An agenda? What’s that? Oh, the thing my dad always carries with him?
c)    I constantly use my agenda. I have it on my Smartphone, and it automatically synchronises with my            computer
d)   I am so smart that I don’t need an agenda … I just memorise everything!

So now, for all of you who answered a, b or d… that is just not working here at London Business School. We are being overwhelmed with events, presentations, group works and so much more that you cannot live without an agenda to register every obligation you have. The thing is, even if you organise this as well as you can the info keeps coming!

Luckily, basically everything is highly interesting and is contributing to this great learning experience!

For example, next week is Career Week. Everyone is really looking forward to that, mostly because it means that none of the normal lectures take place and that we can dedicate all our time to attend company presentations or workshops. However, even though technically career week only takes place next week, I’ve suited up twice this week already. Yes folks … business attire is another thing you will need to get used to when coming to London Business School. Tuesday, I participated in a workshop at UBS and Wednesday Morgan Stanley gave a nice presentation on campus. On Monday I’ll be attending a L’Oréal event, followed by presentations by Nomura, Deutsche Bank, Inbev and others later that week.

London Business School promised us a ‘transformational experience’, and I have to acknowledge that it’s true… This is only the fourth week and I feel like a different person already, although I do miss my ‘old’ habits quite a lot. Bye legal language, bye ‘lovely’ statutes you can always refer to, bye to having three weeks study-time before exams. And … last but not least, bye bye typical way of thinking and reasoning! Instead I now say hello calculators, hello interactive courses, hello CV writing and rewriting and editing and proofreading and rewriting etc. So yes … London Business School promises you a lot during this one year, but what they say is true!

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What am I looking forward to in London?

Posted by: Loicque
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London  – The power of attraction!

The London location was one of my main reasons for applying at London Business School. I’ve lived in the vibrant city before, and I missed every single bit of it from the moment I returned ‘home’. When I wanted to move here three years ago for an exchange programme, my father warned me: “You will be in love with London, and you will not want to come back”.

He was right!

I already look forward to the non-judgemental attitude in the crowded tubes, on the busy streets or in the many beautiful parks. This feeling that you can do what ever you feel like, dress how ever  you want, or eat what ever you want to eat is no more or no less than a sense of freedom.

I can’t wait to be strolling around the streets of Notting Hill, Chelsea or Camden… I’m longing for what I think is the best ice cream in the world on Marylebone High Street… I look forward to go to the best curry place in London with some of my new class mates …

I’m strucked by the London virus, and I’m sure all of us will be!

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