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The spring break is about to end. In a few days holidays will be over and MiM’s will once gain be back on campus for another term of hard work, group projects, networking, job searching, partying and great moments that we will remember forever.

The last two weeks of holidays reflect properly the multicultural and international environment of our community. I was impressed by the number of traveling, networking or volunteering treks that occurred during spring break or that will occur in the upcoming months. I saw pictures of MiM’s taken in Poland, Bulgaria, Morocco, Cuba, South-east Asia and other places around the world during the Spring Break. This reflects the diversity of cultures in the program and also the desire of MiM’s to get to know new places, cultures and perspectives. Definitely a good feature in an increasingly global world.

When reflecting on my experience as an LBS student, what I like the most is the possibility of getting to know people from literally all over the world. I guess that apart from the UN general assembly is hard to find a place as diverse and multicultural as our campus in London. The possibility of exploring cultural differences and learn from different perspectives and views in one place is an invaluable experience that justifies on itself spending one year at LBS, but we tend to value this only when we are far away from this environment. During my holidays in my home country I realized that I was always telling my friends about the conversations and enjoyable moments I had had with my fellow MiM’s during last term. Unfortunately, our program will only last for two more months, but I am sure that the bounds created during this year in London will perdure and influence my future path and career. I know they have already influenced my views on the world.

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