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Ok, so it’s midnight on a Sunday night, and I have finally got round to uploading my first entry.  Let my late foray into the world of London Business School bloggery serve as notice that yes, despite all the advice and my intentions of laser-like focus, I am attending all of the 732 weekly events whose invitations drops into my inbox; yes, I’m going out every night of the week and no, mum, I’m not being irresponsible – it’s called “networking”; and yes, I’m utterly convinced that I’ve made the best decision of my life.  The following was written a month ago but is an apt description of my first couple of weeks.  As the dust settles (if it ever settles?!), more will follow…

Preparing for the start of term : The Flat-Hunter’s Nightmare

I’ve lived in London before.  I was born not far away; I know the city.  I assumed that finding somewhere to live again should be a walk in the park.  I even arrived two weeks before term to get involved with the flat-hunters’ pub crawl.  I couldn’t be more organised.

Two weeks later and six hours into a day-long trek around every postcode North of the river, I took a leisurely stroll through Regent’s Park.  I can safely say that flat-hunting in this area of London before the start of term bears no resemblance to meandering through that particular oasis of calm not ten minutes from Europe’s busiest shopping street.

I saw stunning flats in the perfect location for four times my budget; windowless hovels for slightly below my budget; a couple of places that wowed but then fell through; and one place with a giant hole in the middle of the living room.  The agent seemed as surprised as I was, but without pausing for breath explained it as a useful second access point to the floor below: an additional feature that should justify the already outlandish cost.

Every night I’d go to the pub and drown my frustrations with the other new arrivals.  And every night I’d meet people in the same situation; together we would drink and talk and laugh, and rub our collective wounds.  And every night I’d feel refreshed again; reinvigorated by the immersion into such an amazing and eclectic group of people.  At which point I realise that if this isn’t the perfect preparation, I’m not sure what is.

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