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The beginning of my LBS MBA – Semester 1

Posted by: Michael
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Some people ask, is an MBA worth it. Two years away from the workplace and you graduate with a tonne of debt. I wanted to share my recent experiences as a new entrant into the London Business School (LBS) MBA 2014 programme. Whilst only recently completing my first semester, there have still been a large number of experiences and lessons that have begun to influence who I am – for the better. I have always strived to understand further on how to succeed in business and I see an MBA as a fantastic tool to accelerate this process. But in addition to the impact the MBA has in my business education, it goes much beyond this. It is an opportunity to reflect on what makes you tick, take some risks and perhaps learn from failure in a safe environment,

Although the core teaching method in an MBA is through coursework, you aren’t necessarily limited in learning only from the classroom. The below three insights are what I’ve gained the most from my MBA so far.

Emotional Change
Today I feel more confident than I ever have in myself. I am able to better argue my position/agenda, and all-in-all feel I am more focused on what I want to achieve. I have overcome significant challenges to reach this stage in my career and feel that I am at a opportunistic stepping stone. Although I am yet to decide on what exact career path I wish to pursue, I am feeling more confident that I am ironing out the kinks and identifying my passions and goals and how I can incorporate this into a career.

Seeing the Interconnections
Over the last six months I have covered seven subjects on a range of topics. Although I have covered some material in my undergraduate Economics/Marketing degree, this time round I am gaining significant insights into the interconnections between subjects. How does the financial decisions a firm makes impact their risk profile, which can impact the overall decision making process, which impacts what the firm produces and go to market with, which is reflective on the business strategy and ultimately the balance sheet. I’m seriously looking forward to diving into this further in Semester Two.

Quality of Classroom Discussions
The recent Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranking gave London Business School a top A+ grade for its ‘Calibre of Classmates’ category. It’s easy to see why. The best part of being in an MBA for me is to get involved in the classroom discussions and continue debating with my peers and study group (six member team I work with on all group assignments for year one). I’m fortunate to be in a stream of 80+ people that I greatly admire. No amount of online research can compare to some of the debates (and lessons learnt) that I’ve had over the last six months. Here’s to another year and a half!

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