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You may not have read a lot from me lately, but that’s because at LBS you may not have as much free time as you might imagine. Ironically, being busy at LBS turns out to be quite enjoyable. Every minute here is an opportunity to expand your horizons.

Life, for me at least, is seperated into three distinct branches: school work, career development, and experiencing London.

With regards to the former, you may find yourself on campus until midnight sometimes, but its quite engaging. The teaching style here is extremely interactive. Our lecturers use everything from computer software to role plays to get the point across. It almost seems like there’s never a dull moment. Also, working within a study group is really educational as you get to share perspectives and learn techniques and skills that you never could acquire on your own.

As for career development, there’s always something going on. Whether its being invited to posh venues hosted by McKinsey and Bain or a company presentation on ground. Its quite humbling to see the best companies chasing LBS students. Also, the possibilities are limitless. Any career aspirations you might have are most likely to be fulfilled at LBS.

Now I might go on and on about the amazing LBS experience, but there’s more  to London…

Through LBS, you get to meet many people who share your interests. I’ve really had the opportunity to cultivate my personal interests by joining the Photography Club and Classical Music Club, which are just representative of how eclectic the school’s social and extracurricular scene may be.

Lastly, its always a pleasure doing some personal exploration in this cosmopolitan city. Whether its a jog on the Thames’ riverside or a stroll in one of the city’s royal parks, London always offers the ideal opportunity to unwind and relax.

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Why did I choose London Business School?

Posted by: Mostafa
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Acceptance to London Business School is nothing less than a dream come true. The package that LBS has to offer is amazingly multifaceted. First, nowhere else will one have the opportunity of interacting with the highest caliber of students from across the globe as at LBS. In other words, LBS puts the best of the world’s best in one classroom under the auspices of faculty pioneering groundbreaking research in the business world. To immerse oneself in such a culturally-rich environment is to join a pool of some of the most talented global citizens. To say the least, with its 130 represented nationalities, LBS’s student body is as diverse of a salad bowl of cultures you’ll get at any graduate school.

Second, the tightly knit community that LBS has to offer is sure to give the School a homey, family feel to one’s time here. In a nutshell, LBS seems to offer something for every walk of life with its vibrant extracurricular scene; if you’re looking for a place to launch a jet set career from or looking to do some soul searching, LBS is sure to offer a fit with clubs as diverse as Business & Government, Men’s Rugby, and Classical Music to name a few.

Lastly, at LBS, one gets to experience studying and living in London, the cradle of modern Western civilization. In my eyes, London seems to epitomize the regal glory of United Kingdom. What better combination is there than studying at a world renowned institution in the heart of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities? None, and that’s what brings me to LBS.

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