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Dragon Boat Racing

Posted by: Nayan

London Regatta Centre – across the docks from London City airport was the location for 2010 National Dragon Boat racing Cup. On race day I found myself in the London Business School ‘A’ boat with an oar and 20 other folks. FOMO – fear of missing out (for more on FOMO read Allen’s post, this is probably what led me to sign up for Dragon Boat racing. I had never heard about Dragon Boat racing but it sounded exciting. Before this the only boat I had been on is the one where the engine did all the work and now I was paddling in a race.

Fernando Diez and Rossana Lau assembled this motley crew from the various streams, alumni and friends. Most of us had just practised paddling in the practise sessions over last week and we were going head to head against teams who were clearly well trained. Lien was the captain of my boat, Boat ‘A’. Incidentally Lien spent his holidays climbing Mt. Everest; he seems to be on a quest to conquer the elements, kudos to him! He made us go through series of exercises to get us to paddle as a team. In his words it is not the strongest team that wins but the team that paddles together that wins.

The time to beat from last year was 58.62” over 200mts and 2’41.20” over 500mts. The first race was over 200mts and the time was just above 1’. Like good managers we had a lessons learnt session after each race and our time in the second race improved to 57.13”.  Between the races, true to the school traditions,  we networked, loaded up on energy and soaked up the great weather. Our last race was the best of the day and we clocked 2’31.37” over 500mts. We will be back next year to beat the time again!

Watch Joe’s video “What is Teamwork?” about our day at the Dragon Boat racing here (

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Posted by: Nayan
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At the end of my first visit to London six years ago I had a lingering feeling
that I had just had a little taste of the ‘London Experience’ and came away wanting
more. Multiple visits since then have not helped and the only way to truly experience
the city is by becoming a Londoner. The foodie in me is looking forward to multicultural
gastronomic delights, and especially to sharing the experience with an equally
diverse set of LBS classmates.
I hope I can squeeze in some time to enjoy the music, museums and theatre
the city offers. I’m a huge sports fan and I am rather pleased with the concurrence of
the final leg of the MBA with the London Olympics. I’m excited about becoming a
part of the event in some way. Most of all, I’m looking forward to walking around in
London. There is always a new street to discover, a delightful café to walk into, a
book shop to dive into, a charming little park to lounge about in.
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