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Getting involved!

Posted by: Pete Mackie
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Hi there! My name is Pete, and I am part of the MBA 2017 class. As one of the new MBA class, we might only just be finishing Week 4 of the autumn term, but we’ve actually been on campus for eight weeks now and that time has just flown.

During this time we have met hundreds of new people; started core courses; taken part in numerous career service sessions; and attended never ending employer presentations & networking events. Finding some free time amongst all of this is difficult, yet somehow we also manage to try and participate in the hundred odd clubs that are active on campus.

One of the clubs I was immediately drawn to was the Energy club. Whilst I have no professional experience in Energy, being a Scot from Aberdeen, I have an innate interest in the industry. As such, I wanted to get actively involved with the club and there was no better way than in volunteering for the committee.

Therefore, having only been on campus a couple of weeks, I applied for a VP Sponsorship role responsible for helping to raise finances for both the club and the Global Energy Summit – the club’s annual flagship event that draws together over 300 attendees from industry professionals, policy makers, academics, students and advisors. The 12th edition of this Global Energy Summit is to be held on the 6th November and so new MBA’s, MiM’s and MiF’s were quickly enlisted by the 2nd year MBA committee members to help out.

Being successful after an interview, I was quickly thrust into searching out sponsors for the event, always a challenging task, but more so when we have below $50/barrel crude oil prices. However, now is also a perfect time for a summit with the theme “Global Energy Markets: Shifting Economics.”

Fortunately we have a strong 2nd year team, commendably led by Bilal and Thiago, who had already done much of the heavy lifting before their summer internships helping us to gratefully secure BCG as well as AT Kearney and Accenture as Sponsors of the GES.

It has been fascinating to watch our team of 19 come together, and I am amazed at the effort of the Marketing, Operations and Speakers teams in building what is shaping up to be a truly remarkable event. With Keynote speeches from David Kotler, CEO of Delta International, and Spencer Dale, Chief Economist at BP, already secured in addition to the many distinguished speakers on each of the panels, the summit will be incredibly insightful.

At each of our regular catch up meetings, there is an impressive attention to detail, from ensuring an interesting balance of speakers and panellists to organising venues, stages, audio visual equipment, and it is clear everyone is pulling in the same direction. All of this whilst trying to manage a tight budget!

Although everything is shaping up nicely, there is still plenty to do and our sponsorship team is still out there trying to secure additional sponsors – with more sponsors we can improve the event further, such as getting it filmed or hiring better audio visual equipment, and therefore there is no time to sit back and relax.

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