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The admit letter!!  After months of preparing for GMAT, school visits, interviews and a nervous, anxious wait, you finally have a tangible output, starry aspirations and an ego boost.  Now, the honeymoon begins? After a well-deserved break, I think it is time to go back to the drawing board.

Perhaps the best advice is – Really (really, really) use the time before school to reflect on what you expect out of your MBA experience.  If you are a career switcher (like me) I think it is imperative that you do some ground work.  I divided my goals broadly in 4 categories:

1)    Personal – Get married!!! , Travel
2)    Logistics – Apply for a student loan, complete formalities of acceptance, accommodation in London, transfer money (without those exotortionary rates), stay on top of  emails from Program office
3)    Academics – if you are weak in a particular subject area (accounting  etc)
4)    Networking – connect with classmates and alumni (Facebook and Linked-in) and reach out to professionals in my potential career choice.

Planning is great but I found out all the tasks took much longer than I anticipated – so please don’t be hard on yourself if you feel you are falling behind. Try your best. And remember to have fun – Term 1 will hit you hard before you know!

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