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Being a skeptic (or diligent!) person I am, a quote from a funny ex-cricketer/commentator gonged through my head “A statistic is like a mini-skirt. What it reveals is suggestive, what it conceals is vital”. I am glad I took the time to research this aspect (the rankings!) and map my fit for personal goals with what the schools have to offer. There is nothing right or wrong about the fit thing. For instance, I wanted to spend two years learning from the best faculty and within a collaborative community. So the top deal makers for me were:

1. Academic Strength
2. Close-knit and collaborative community
3. Opportunities for Networking and International Exposure

I knew that LBS really dominated on these parameters through several and several and several interactions I had with alumni/students from various B-schools. I also connected with many alumni/students who had been on MBA exchange to other schools. This was decisive as these people can truly contrast between the two schools they attended and gave me a strong sense of the opportunities and the culture at each of the school.

Finally, I would say that self-awareness (about what one truly wants in MBA journey as well as in-general) is the key to making the ‘right’ choice for oneself.

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