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When I first sat down to write a blog about the MiF program, I didn’t know where to start. It’s been two amazing months since the start of the program and in that time I’ve already made great friends, had opportunities to network with major companies and explored London. Oh and I’ve also learned how to price options, derive the CAPM and value a company.

The brochure doesn’t lie – the course is intense and there is a lot of hard work and study involved. I have 15 hours of class a week and regular study and group work sessions – in the last two months I’ve handed in 9 assignments and sat two exams!

It’s not always business time though – we have Sundowners drinks every week, a club for every possible sporting, business and social interest and our own special back entrance to the local pub. We’ve already had a Spanish party, a Halloween party and now have a Diwali party to look forward to this coming weekend.

I have to say, being a student again is a lot of fun – the only thing I really miss about working life is a regular salary!

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