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A plethora of reasons start bouncing when I think about the rationale to apply to London Business School (LBS).

First and foremost, it’s the people at LBS which make it special. Down to earth, smart, willing to engage, outgoing, etc are some of the many characteristics of LBS students. I saw glimpses of this in the alums I met and current students I knew from my personal network. Secondly it is the city of London and the diversity of the school which attracted me. London is quite a place and I need not say more. It is this character of London that you see at campus too specially looking at the diversity of students around you. Multiple programs, nationalities, work experiences are a common sight. Lastly it is the brand and reputation of the school which won me over. The school has been consistently ranked among the top 3 business schools globally. Additionally over the last few years massive investment has been going in to upgrade infrastructure, course curriculum etc. In all with each passing year, it only gets better.

To conclude, as I keep telling everyone, business school is a serious time and money commitment and you want to hence go to a place which you can relate to and thrive. LBS is that place for me

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