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On the 26th of September 200 film enthusiasts gathered to watch the 2nd edition of the Manhattan Short Film Festival in London at the London Business School. And once again LBS made it memorable!

The Festival is the pinnacle of a global short film competition whereby ten short films are selected from 678 entries from 52 countries. These ten films were screened in over 250 cinemas across 6 continents during the week of Sept 25- Oct 4. These short films not only entertained a global audience but were also judged by that audience. Movie fans voted for Best Film and Best Actor and the results were released on Monday Oct 5.

The event was organised by the Film Club in partnership with the Wine & Spirits Club. It was divided into 2 parts: a pre-event soiree (6-7:30pm) followed by the screening of the films in the LT rooms (7:30-10:30 pm). Prominent personalities in the movie world came and spoke about their experiences and enthralled the audience.

The pre-event soiree was held in the Dining room where people had “some” drinks and appetisers…

Photo 3             Photo 3

Photo 2               Photo 4

Photo 5


While they were listening and asking questions to three enthusiastic guest speakers the Film Club chased during the summer:


Jamie Donahue (director of Shok, one of the ten shortlisted movies)

Photo 6

Nicola Usborne (film producer,

Photo 7

Anu Hasan (19 years of experience in the film industry from actor to anchor and entrepreneur,

Photo 8


The pre-event soiree ended at 7:30pm after which people headed to LT1/LT6 to watch the 10 shortlisted movies…with a surprise expecting them…Popcorn offered by Portlebay Popcorn!!!!

Photo 9                    Photo 10


There was a break of about 30 minutes after the fifth movie was screened, which happened to be Shok, directed by one of our guest speakers, Jamie. In the break people headed again to the dining room where there was time for Q&A about the movie with Jamie.

Photo 11


The break was followed by the screening of the last five movies. After that it was time to be THE JUDGE AND VOTE!!!

And in the end…there was still time to get some feedback about the event!!!


Photo 12

After votes were counted the fantastic team that helped organise the Manhattan Short Film Festival 2015 took a last happy picture before heading home to a much deserved rest!!!


Photo 13

And for the ones who were there and haven’t checked yet… you’re probably wondering: who were the winners of the festival, right??


Best movie

Gold Medal – Bis Gleich

Photo 14

 Silver Medal – Shok

Photo 15

 Bronze medal – Bear Story

Photo 16

And…Best actor

Horst Westphal – Bis Gleich

Photo 17

Hope to see many of you next year for the third edition!!

Your Film Club Executive Committee (Ankita, Stefan, Ricardo)


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