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Enlightened by LBS

Posted by: Ryan Y
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I can never forget the moment when I received the life changing email from the MiM Admissions. Feeling the thrill and excitement from within, I jumped out of my chair and roared like a football player who just scored the winning goal. Seconds later I realised I was still in office, colleagues across the room looked at me in silence. Awkward. I slowly sat down and started working again. Embarrassed, but that didn’t stop the joy. I’m in!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at LBS. Students come from over 40 countries speaking 42 languages, being able to learn alongside my peers is, in itself, a masterclass in diversity. Academic-wise, it is all about applying the theoretical knowledge to everyday, real-life examples. We sit in a rounded lecture where all students are expected to contribute in discussions and express our views. Through this unique learning experience I am able to gain greater insights than ever before.

The career service is another integral part of the programme. There are enormous amount of career sessions ranging from 1-to-1 career coaching to group assessment centre practice; just in the last month, over 100 sessions took place. There are also company presentations and networking events in LBS ranging from finance, consulting and corporate sectors. Through these events I was provided with lots of opportunities to network with their current employees, learn more about their culture and experience. I’m very excited about an interview opportunity at a consultancy firm next week, and that could not be possible without the help of career service.

I’m now half way through the first term, and I am still feeling the excitement at LBS. Two months ago, I thought to myself that LBS would be my best decision in life. Now I can be very sure to say, that LBS is the best decision in my life.

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