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The London Business School Nom De Plume

Posted by: Ryan
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I’ve been living in London now for 4 weeks. 

London Business School orientation started for incoming students across several groups, all of which are represented by acronyms: 

  • MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
  • EMBA (Executive MBA)
  • MiM (Masters in Management)
  • MiF (Masters in Finance) and several others

London Business School also extends its use of acronyms to the classroom:

  • UGM (Understanding General Management)
  • DAM (Data Analytics for Management)
  • GLAM (Global Leadership Assessment for Managers)
  • MOB (Managing Organizational Behavior) and many more

The running joke for incoming MBAs revolves around the DAM class.  Since DAM is the only for credit class of three (graded, the others are pass/fail) to begin during orientation month it has now become a pseudonym or shall I say a, “Nom De Plume!”  Mark Twain would be proud.  A typical nondescript question between classes has become a more jovial one, “Are you studying for your DAMN case?” or, “How was the DAMN Lecture?”  Either case whether it be DAM or DAMN I had previous business statistics coursework in college that allowed me to test out!

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