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London Business School and what it means to me

Posted by: Sushant
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Before taking up this offer at LBS, I was as confused a soul as most of us might have been during the admissions process – trying to make a choice to go to a school in the US (in my case it was MIT) or coming here. I chose LBS for two reasons: its location in the financial hub of the world and its strong, ever-growing brand value.

I spoke to someone who had left LBS a while ago. “It will be the two most unforgivable years of your life. This place grows on you” And this is what my time at LBS till now has been. Time flies by very quickly here. It has been 2 months since I joined – I already feel like I have always have been a been part of LBS and yet it seems like only yesterday when I boarded a flight from New Delhi.

Three words sum it up for me: Diversity, Intelligence, Culture. Visit any Sundowners and see it for yourself – the smartest, most diverse set of people blending perfectly in a single, huge ensemble. Has my decision of coming here been vindicated ? I will tell you over our next drink at Windsor’s!

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