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During the first day of orientation at LBS, they told us that the first term would be intense, but that we could we could look forward to lighter schedules starting January. I think that prospect got myself and my fellow Early Careers classmates through finals in term 1, in the hopes that the hardest part would be behind us once we completed them. Now that we have been back from the break for a month, and that we’ve readapted to the fast-paced day-to-day of LBS, I can look back on orientation with a smile and say: How about no!

Although perhaps the academic workload is more or less the same, I think that all of us being the dynamic and action-seeking business people that LBS was seeking to enroll, many of us are on the executive committees of different clubs, on internships, cramming for job interviews, sending out CVs en masse, and most importantly, enjoying London.

For myself, one of the most demanding commitments has been working on the 2017 Corporate Innovation Summit that will take place this Friday, the 3rd of February. Although we have been planning it for months, the greatest challenge was that we wanted to achieve something great but still manage to do it early enough so that people who are job-hunting right now can benefit from the insight and networking opportunities.

Ultimately, I am very proud of the energy and time that the team put into building an incredibly rich event. We have been able to attract speakers from impactful companies as innovative as Unilever, Li&Fung, Deloitte, Hilti, and Cargill, and as disruptive as Deliveroo, CO:LAB, Brand Genetics, Impossible Labs, and SROne (a GSK-backed VC). The speakers’ team did a fantastic job of reaching out to companies and panelists that were not only interesting, but also had a lot to bring to the table in terms of experience and insight, and then group them into panels that would focus on compelling topics, such as technological disruption, so that we could make the experience as valuable as possible, but still keep the fun edge.


Moreover, to favor recruitment, we are giving attendees the option to be part of a CV book that our participating companies have especially requested. We were also concerned with making the Corporate Innovation Summit accessible to as many LBS programs as possible, so we made sure to make tickets affordable by subsidizing student tickets through other types of passes. At this stage, I am excited to see how the last few months of preparation will turn out, and to reap the benefits of the event (in the form of wine at the pre- and post-networking events!).

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