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My first impressions…

Posted by: Tapiwa

Three weeks in and I am loving it! I could not have been happier with the decision to come to LBS. The environment is exactly what I hoped for – dynamic, warm, engaging and collegiate. On a daily basis I am interacting with so many truly exceptional MBAs from every corner of the world that I am both humbled and inspired!

In lectures I almost feel sorry for professors juggling the enthusiastic contributions of 80 articulate MBAs eager to bring some new insight to classroom debates. From the campus corridors to Facebook pages, collaborations spring up continuously on everything from the latest clean technology idea to how to negotiate the best student discount for the London Underground.

In the background, the programme office elegantly attends to the intricate details of over 400 individual timetables. Invitations to networking events with top firms pop into my mailbox almost daily. Student led club activities ranging from Entrepreneurship to Finance to TEDx compete for my evenings. I am literally exhausted from partying. Quite frankly, virtually everyone on campus is enormously accomplished, enthusiastic, enterprising and genuinely nice. This is going to be an exhilarating two years!

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