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Sneak Peek of the LBS Experience

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When I first joined the MiM program, i had no idea what to expect for the upcoming year. I mean, people generally expect a top Masters in Management program to have good lectures, talented classmates,  supports from career service and various recruiting events. Yes, we have all of these, but what else that makes LBS unique? After studying in the school for four months, I am amazed by the variety of opportunities this school offers. It’s simply far beyond my imagination (and believe me it’s true!)

For example, two weeks ago, the Duke of York visited campus to discuss with students on how to most effectively design a UK export promotion programme and develop mutually beneficial investment relationships overseas. I was very fortunate to be invited for the discussion. I mean, His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew, is a figure that i could only expect to be seen on TV, not in real life. He isn’t really someone i expect to shake hands with and discuss national issues with. LBS has such a strong brand that His Royal Highness, UK’s Special Representative for International Trade and Investment, wants to sit face-to-face and  identify opportunities for UK participation in the rapid growth of emerging markets with you. This is the kind of experience you just can’t get anywhere else.

Another experience i had was also quite amazing. I received a media inquiry from the school asking me if i could do an interview with the Times newspaper. The interview was about how i financed my study at LBS by writing blogs. Yes, it was a bit crazy but it should be an interesting story to read. A few other classmates of mine also got this opportunity. I was just notified by the school that the article would be published very soon. It is just amazing to be on the Times, one of the most influential newspaper in the UK. LBS provides us with such great opportunities and experience that i’ve never experienced before. Honestly, who would expect himself/herself to be on the most popular newspaper in the UK and hundreds of thousands people would read your story?

My personal experience about job hunting: I applied for all major banks when I was studying for my undergraduate in a second-tier university in the U.S, but didn’t even get an interview. Frankly speaking,  my expectations were quite low in terms of jobs when i first got here in London. I tried applying for different banks and started getting interviews. It’s safe to say that i worked as hard this year as my senior year in college, but the result this year was much better for me. It still amazes me that, a few months ago, i couldn’t even imagine having an interview with those top firms, and how much things have changed in such a short amount of time. The LBS brand name and its alumni network opened a lot more doors for me, and for many of my classmates as well.

Above are some of the sneak peeks of my experience here at LBS. Hope you find them interesting and helpful.

Best wishes,


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We just finished our first semester on the 16th. A ton of MiMs were planning to go home but were stuck in the island thanks to Heathrow.  It’s kinda funny to compare how much expectations we had before and after the airport was shut down. After numerous hours waiting in the terminal, going back home on time seems to be the best christmas gift ever!

Quite a few of my classmates and I have got full time offers, within or outside London.  A friend updated her facebook status 9 hours ago: I cannot believe I really get my first offer through networking~Love LBS^^ As a career rep I know career service has done a tremendous amount of work to get us employed. A few have got their best Christmas presents – job offers. Some others are still waiting for the secret santa to come :) A lot of MiMs are still interviewing, preparing for interviews or applying for jobs. Another friend who had trouble getting interviews originally got two offers from top consulting firms within a week. So never be beaten up and give up. You never know what you’ll get after all. Last year’s employment rate was quite encouraging. 95% of the MiM2010 were employed within 3 months. That includes full time, long-term internships, higher-education and others. Comparing with other top schools, LBS MiM’s 95% employment rate is quite outstanding.

The other day i was dining out with a few other MiMs when someone mentioned the new Pre-programme internship for MiM2012. We really really wish we had this opportunity this year! Deutsche Bank, VTB Capital and AB-InBev are great firms. Imagine you get in the firm and complete an internship before joining the program. By then you should either have a fulltime offer or would be highly competitive because these firms do look great on your CV. The year would be so sweet without worrying about jobs, wouldn’t it be?  Program office is working extremely hard to get us the best experience possible. For example, next term we will have the business immersion week. As far as I know, a ton of firms have booked or confirmed their attendance, including: Blackstone, BlackRock, McKinsey, British Airways, Thompson Reuters, J&J and a couple others. I’ll keep you posted!

For more information about the pre-program internship. Check the url below. I think the deadline for Deutsche Bank’s internship application is Jan 10. Definitely apply before that and get that internship :)

Enjoy the sun and warm weather, wherever you are at the moment. You’ll definitely miss that when you’re here in London.

Have a great holiday. Hope you got some great holiday present as well.


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Time flies

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Time does fly. It’s still hard to believe that i’ve been here in London for just a little over four months. It feels like yesterday when i first met with my current roommate at Green Park, carrying my backpack and three large suitcases. All of a sudden i know where to get good dim sum, where to find great oriental markets and how to get to canary wharf from Baker street tube station :P Everything happens so fast.

I got quite some readings to do, as finals are coming in just two weeks. It’s always hard to justify how much time you want to allocate for class, homework, interviews and networkings. It’s a lot harder than i originally thought it would be. How to balance your life becomes a challenge a lot of MiMs are facing.

On the other hand, a number of MiMs have got great offers, especially in the financial sector. Others are interviewing, cracking cases and busy with excel modelling…  The final result for last year’s MiM employment rate was very encouraging. Considering last year the job market wasn’t good at all, the employment rate is absolutely fantastic, thanks to career service. They really work for us, with us.

Quite a number of MiM2012 candidates have contacted me. One asked me the other day: “I heard LBS is great in consulting. Should i say i want to do consulting instead of banking?” I ask her: what do you really want to do? She said: banking. I told her there was nothing wrong to “be yourself”. Really, be honest, be confident, be determined but also flexible. These aren’t true/false questions. There’s really no correct answer. Good luck with all of you on your interviews!

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A day at LBS…

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I was asked by some MiM2012 candidates the other day: “what’s a typical day like as a MiM student?” It’s quite challenging to sum up a typical day, as everyday is quite different. Thanks to the iphone calendar i can keep up with what’s going on every day. The past two weeks were quite incredible. My life was pretty much filled with Finance & Counsulting Career Fair, Industry Fair, numerous on-campus presentation and corporate visits. I mean, a lot of us visited Goldman Sachs, McKinsey or Nomura. Facebook was on campus, So was Amazon. It was quite amazing how many top tier companies are interested in our students. Other than that, a day may like this: (It might be totally different than some other classmates, just FYI)

7: 00 a.m.  Got up and send out the survey for the Business Connections Committee.  Suit up.

8: 45 a.m. Class started. We talked about negotiation and practiced a case.

11:00 a.m. Class finished. Rushed to Wolfson LT for Citi Asia’s on-campus presentation.

12:15 p.m. Social event with Citi. Grabbed some sandwiches at the event.

12:45 p.m. Another class started. We talked about regression analysis.

3:00 p.m. Class finished. Lunch time for me!

4:00 p.m. Chilling with classmates at Laing House, the ultimate social place for MiM. (and we even have a kitchen, just FYI!)

5:00 p.m. Homework time!

7:00 p.m. Nomura’s presentation and social event

8:45 p.m. Home for dinner, homework and preparing for interviews.

11:00 p.m till now. Spare time for fun.

Hope this helps :)

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The nice thing about living in London is that the city has so much to offer. The sherlock holmes museum is literally a block away, and Abbey Road (Remember the Beatles?) is ten-minutes walk from school. Other than these touristy spots, London still amazes me all the time. Let me share with you some of the little surprises i got these few days.

On Friday, I got out my apartment at 12:05p.m to go to school and the bus usually come within five minutes. I gotta be at LBS at 12:30 for an appointment. The bus never showed up and it was 12:22. I almost freaked out. Suddenly i saw a taxi so i got in the car and asked the driver to go to London Business School. Then i asked if he takes credit cards and he said no. (i almost freaked out again). So i told the driver to go to baker street and i would get cash for him. To my surprise, the driver just said: don’t worry about it. Free ride for you. What a nice guy! I’ve never had any strangers giving me a free ride before, not in Beijing, not in Minnesota. Thanks to the taxi driver i got to LBS right on time.

We had our first Sundowners last Thursday. Sundowners is basically a standing party that takes place at LBS every Thursday between 6-830pm. Free beer, loud music, it’s nothing like my undergraduate university where alcohol isn’t allowed on campus. On Thursday nights the school is essentially a big party house full of very smart people to network with others and build relationships. I was really surprised there were hundreds of people in the Nash Lounge last thursday. I’m really excited to do some more networking, enjoy the free beer and have a good time next Thursday.

The courses are definitely getting tougher. Here at LBS in the MiM program, we spent two weeks to cover the same accounting concepts I learned in two months. My inbox is flooded by club activities, course work and corporate events. It’s definitely important to get a Blackberry or iPhone to get pushmail, so that you won’t miss out anything important. One day i was chilling with a few friends and suddenly everyone stopped chatting and start playing with their phones. It turned out that career service just sent out an email about a corporate event from a major investment bank. It’s quite funny to see everyone was in such a hurry to RSVP the event.

Besides school, i really enjoy hosting events for the Dim Sum and Tea Party club. Basically we, a bunch of Dim-sum-lovers (or anyone who likes Chinese food), go out to eat in different restaurants every other weekend. Around 18-20 people show up every time, including MBA, MiF, MiM and PhD students. If you happen to see this post and would like to join us, just go to portal ->discussion group and add yourself to the Dim Sum and Tea Party group :)

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