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Start of the 2nd Term

Posted by: Victoria
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Alright, it begins again. Everyone hurried back to the London Business School campus last week for the first day of classes – it’s nice to see everyone again. As I talked to a few friends, it was clear they’ve been all over the globe. And I thought, “I could get used to this.” As someone who’s always moved around year to year, the school community makes me feel at home. Career Services was not quick to let us off though – if it’s the start of a new term, it’s the start of a new job search. As I’ve been working with the LBS Consulting Club to coordinate peer-to-peer case interviews between the MiM class, I’ve been quite busy. We’ve all been coped up on sixth floor Taunton (library) conducting case interviews with each other to make sure we’re ready for the actual day.

I think this is something that I really value within the class – I find that it’s extremely collaborative. There’s a lot of ambition, but the help offered between classmates is incredible. As January comes to a close, there’s a lot of events within the community coming , such as Tattoo (cultural festival within LBS) and MiM Business Immersion Week! There’s been some exciting talk about business immersion week due to the quality of corporate participants and office visits involved, and I’m hoping to get a chance to personally meet many of the company representatives. Tomorrow I will embark on the Brussels GIFT (global immersion field trip), which should carry us around central Brussels’ Parlamentarium and European Commission building!

Until next time.

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