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End of first term

Posted by: Viktoria
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I still remember the first day of the start of the programme in City Hall as if it was yesterday – bright sun and clear sky. Ever since then I have been warned that this is quite misleading when it comes to English weather and I should wait to see the end of November when short days, cold wind and fast-approaching exams knock on my door. Yet, even though these cold winter days are coming, there are couples of student-led initiatives on campus which keep me warm and make me smile.

As the end of November and one of the most celebrated holidays in US and Canada, Thanksgiving, are approaching, London Business School students found their own way of saying ‘Thank you!’ for their experience here so far. On Tuesday afternoon the Nash Lounge was busy with students writing long letters or just scribbling couple of thankful words to people they love and miss all over the world. The postcards were free and handmade by a bunch of enthusiastic peers who formed ‘A Grand Gesture’ movement after winning a competition on how to create most happiness if you had money. I guess they succeeded in showing everyone how easy it is to make someone happy…with a simple gesture.

After sending couple of postcards to my friends and family back home I headed on to another event in order to learn how to spread my message and ideas globally at… TEDx! That’s right, one of the largest conferences organized by London Business School is now looking for three astonishing students to share their knowledge, experiences and emotions. I have followed TEDx talks for the past couple of years and often come across their influential speakers. It had crossed my mind that it would be great to speak in front of such a big and knowledgeable audience that now I can hardly believe I have the chance to do it!

I guess the end of the term has disproved its reputation of being busy only with applications, interviews and final exams (do not get me wrong, these are still present), but rather turned out to be an exciting period full of surprises. Thanks to London Business School student life November in London has never felt so warm!

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