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I did struggle to decide… between the different schools. Going to London sounded scary to me as people kept on telling me about its stagnant economy, the conservative and uptight style, and even the endless raining days. However, I finally made the decision and came here, and now I am pretty sure that it was indeed one of the best choices that I’ve ever made in my life. Well, why I chose to be here? 

I chose LBS, for the global mind. Sometimes it’s just so easy to consider that global equals the U.S. But you know, it’s not, at all. In LBS, British students were never quantitatively preponderant. As a matter of fact, in our class – MBA 2013, we have 405 students from 66 countries speaking 45 languages. Impressive! Huh? As for my study group, we six persons are from Australia, Israel, Serbia, Spain, US, and China. Working in such global teams, how could it be possible of one person not be able to get a truly global view? 

I chose LBS, for its academic rigor. There is no doubt that LBS has very strong finance programs. Also, the school highly values teaching as well as researches. The core courses are well structured to provide us with solid foundation of finance. See, just at this moment, I have a thick binder of corporate finance on my desk, and pages-long cases are waiting for me. It’s challenging, maybe a bit overwhelming…but we came here to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone, didn’t we?  

Last but not least, I chose LBS because of London. “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. “ This was from Samuel Johnson and was put at the very first line of Lonely Planet London. So many things are going on here. A lot of fun, every minute. London is crowded, quiet, historical, modern, financial, artistic…It’s so dynamic, and such a cosmopolitan city.

In one word, simply trust your own feelings when you choose the school, just like choosing your partner. Choose the one that YOU like most, no matter what others say.

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