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The annual alumni sailing challenge

Posted by: James
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The alumni had issued their challenge; can this year’s students beat them in the annual alumni sailing challenge?  It had supposedly been done only once before – and then, the rumour goes, largely because the students had a medal winning/America’s Cup sailor to guide them to victory.  The odds were stacked against us.  One of our crew acknowledged the only boat he had ever been on was a ferry.  But we approached it with optimism and a sense of fun.

And fun we had.  The regatta was spread over a series of races on the Saturday and Sunday.  We met on Friday night for some team bonding over pizza and beer.  And then had an early start on the Saturday to practice tacking and gybing and getting everyone use to their positions.  Then, at 10.30 we were off – over the start line and racing for glory!

There’s no need to go into the details of the races.  Though we did have a blast.  There was constant confusion as a barrage of sailing vocab was yelled across the boat – it not always accurate (yes, I’ll take the blame for that).  But the important thing is that we were moving forward and we weren’t last.  We even succeeded at sailing the spinnaker up.  That was great to see the big bag flying and moving us even faster forward.  The final result? The alumni won – not just against us, but against the entire fleet of 17 boats and took home the trophy for doing so.

On the Saturday evening we went out for a dinner with the alumni and this was our real opportunity to get to know them better. It’s a small but strong club where the alumni really make their presence known – this is essential for learning from their experience on the big boats and for lending us a skipper.

I’m looking forward to more racing with the LBS Sailing Club.  And next time we meet, the alumni better be watching out.  We’ll be close on their tail for victory!

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