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A month in London has whizzed past and the city still manages to come up with something new and impressive each passing day.B-School life has been fast and challenging to say the least. The sense of belonging among the student community at London Business School has stood out. At the Worldwide Alumni Celebration held a few days ago, I got the opportunity to meet alumni from almost 30 years back and they were as approachable as the current group of students.

Moving on to life on campus,the first time you walk in front of the royal white London Business School building, it does give you goosebumps and its every bit as impressive as it appears in the snapshots. Diversity in the classroom is unparalleled with students from more than 40 countries.

London has lived up to its reputation as the Best City in the World & thrown up some spectacular sights with the fireworks during the Thames festival taking pole position till now. From scavenger hunts across London to adventure sports, London Business School has proved to be every bit as exciting as it promised from the beginning. Impetus on constant improvement has been a feature of the London Business School life from day one.

Career Week  provided all the MiM’s with an opportunity to visit companies in which they are interested and interact with professionals in that industry. My personal favorite would be the day spent at the headquarters of Nomura. Clubs on campus provide everyone with great opportunities to pursue and learn about their passion, best part being that the events are aimed at students across all experience levels.

And finally a word for the prospective applicants,“Dream on, because dreams do come true”.

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