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Wow, its been a whirlwind of a month here at LBS. Pausing bleary eyed between job applications and CV reviews I’m trying to figure out where all that time went! So, lets look at a typical day for a MiM here at school…

My day starts bright and early with class. Some professors will even take attendance so you have to be sure to be on time and sitting at your allotted seat. Now you a few of you might snigger imagining a class full of grown-ups saying “present, professor”, but please, this is London Business School after all- Being innovative is not just a pre-requisite for students but faculty also. The professor just clicks a picture of the class and has her assistant mark the absentees by comparing the photo to the seat allocation floor plan. Cool, huh? Anyway, we have just 3 courses this term and so have 1 or 2, 2hr 15min lectures in a day. Apart from this we have 1hour long tutorial sessions bringing the total amount of time spent in class to 5hours or less in a day.

Along with classes, the day is spent attending other lectures or career services sessions. All these have to be signed up for and range from informational lectures on consulting/finance/industry to one-on-ones with sector representatives or MBAs (to have your CV/cover letter reviewed or discuss career prospects). Sometimes we even have talks on how to make effective presentations, network better or improve your online presence.

Before you know it, its 6pm and you just have time to grab a bite with friends and maybe catch up on the day before heading to a club kick-off or recruitment event. At any time there are so many things going on that you have to carefully weigh the alternatives to decide where you want to go- Will it be the Marketing club kick-off? The KPMG Case Competition information session? The McKinsey rep’s talk on Energy? Or the Salsa trial class? I think this decision making is a veritable course in itself! These events usually go on for about 1-2hrs after which you have a (free!) drinks and networking session.

Once you’re done with the business part of the day, and if you have the energy, there is always a party to go to. Its so great socializing at the practically in-house pub Windsor or maybe even going to a LBS crowd frequented club. And its all part of the plan, who says you can’t network on the dance floor?

So, at the end, my day is what I make of it. It is busy, yes. But its also incredibly fun! All the events and activities are of my choosing, LBS is just a limitless storehouse of opportunity. Luckily, the school administration realizes our tendency to crowd our days and so has given us Fridays off. We get an extra day to reflect on our week, have some personal time and thus get more out of our experience. Or maybe it could just be to get over the Thursday night Sundowners’ hangover. Of course, that’s a discussion for another day!

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