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The workload for our core courses has ramped up several gears, speaking of which I have three assignments due in for 8:15am tomorrow morning… Before coming to business school I felt pretty comfortable with my time management skills (watch my wife roll her eyes whenever I mention a ‘to-do’ list!) but already I’m having to work out new strategies for making the most of any spare half hour or so I find. And with mid-terms only a week away I expect the coming week might be the busiest so far…

To get through the workload you have to rely on your study group. Study groups are put together by the programme office and are made up of 6 or 7 first-year MBA students. The group’s members have a mix of backgrounds and experience, the idea being that someone in the group will probably have some prior knowledge for almost all the group assignments your given. This gives each of us a responsibility at some point to step up and put on our teacher hat.

My turn came this week. Putting ourselves in the shoes of Airbus management back in 2001 we were tasked with having to work-out whether or not Airbus should go ahead with developing the A3XX. I was pleasantly surprised to find how relevant my background in accounting was for this task as we began to wade through depreciation tax shields, capitalisation, working capital adjustments and so on.

Away from the work, many of the clubs on campus have been busy recruiting students to join their committees over the last few weeks. The process usually involves a written application (which brings back memories of writing application essays!) and/or an interview with some of the existing committee members. The number of club events each week still surprises me, and as I mentioned in my blog on ‘FOMO’ the biggest problem is working out which to attend!

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