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In 1873 it took 80 days to travel around the world. People ended up emotionally drained, physically knackered, significantly poorer, with no willingness to ever venture anywhere further than the local pub.

But nowadays, our attitude has changed, with some seeking beneficial tax regimes (hello Cayman islands!!), and others just not wanting to miss a single day of Oktoberfest, while sparing some time to gnaw granite of financial science in the middle of Marylebone.

So what about LBS commuters? How far would they go (literally) to get an LBS degree?

I have asked my fellow dot com students (I hope by now it is a tiny bit clearer that “com” stand for “commuting”) about the pros & cons of airplane lifestyle and any recommendations they could conjure up for those interested. Oddly enough, out of the course of 73, 13% commute, which brings it to exactly 9.5 students… Another fascinating fact – I sent my enquiry to most of the 9.5, but everyone who replied (3) commute from the same place – Germany (please make your conclusions yourself).

So lets start!

The main challenges of commuting?:
You always have to fly Friday/Sunday, never get the cheapest flight, and miss the social events during the week”. Awww Marco, now everyone will understand who I meant when I mentioned Oktoberfest
That could be the weather this winter. British airports are very well known for their “rapid reaction times” to deal with snow
Sleep deprivation – and making decisions about what to pack every fortnight

Advantages of commuting?:
You can always claim to be treated specially
My company lets me have the days off when I need to travel without the need to take holidays. Could be worse right?
You don´t need to get a visa, new flat or anything else that is required for people relocating to London. So it´s a lot less stressful at the beginning but you have constant stress of commuting

: “If you really hate travelling, don’t commute” – I LOVE this one
: “Get company sponsorship as you have to pay for a lot for travel costs
: “In the unlikely event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop down automatically…

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