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Back to campus

Posted by: Ingrid
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Happy New Year to all!

After a well deserved, much needed break to reconnect with friends and family from outside LBS, we are coming back to school with a refreshed mind.

Personally, I am still amazed with the amount I learned in the first term of my MBA. I learned about finance, strategy, management, accounting, statistics and modelling, economics… I learned both in and out of the class. I worked a lot and enjoyed it even more. And, importantly, I learned a great deal about myself.

The autumn term was particularly intense, but the good news is that we have done nearly half of the core courses. The spring term is lighter in terms of classes – leaving the necessary time for the recruiting season – and more focused on our individual choices, as we start to take electives.

The current week is dedicated to corporate partners presentations. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the companies who will be recruiting for summer internships and intensify our networking efforts. Over the next few weeks, other companies will come to campus and Career Services will be busy advising and coaching students to succeed in their internship hunt. And we will be busy too… LBS provides an amazing set of supporting resources to accelerate our careers, but of course, we still have to apply and interview ourselves!


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