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Meet the Dean

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“What’s this?” said Chido as we approached a section of the campus which looked as isolated as it was beautiful. It was my first time in London Business School and I decided to do some exploring, encouraged by the beautiful company of Chido and Katja.  “Well, I hear this is where the Dean likes to hang” I said as the three of us stood in front of the only part of the campus with a permanent bed in it. Yes, the Dean lives here.  There is a theory somewhere that the mere thought of an object tends to set in motion a sequence of events that increases the chances of that object’s immediate appearance. It was but logical that we turned around to see Dean Likierman approach us.

I knew he was the Dean; he was a recurrent figure in all the research I had done prior to writing my application essays.  Otherwise, he looked too comfortable to be the Dean. His gait didn’t quite suggest that he owned the place, only that he treasured it. What followed was a five-minute chat that left us smiling stupidly for ten minutes.

“The Dean is soooooo sweet!” exclaimed Katja, she really liked him. Sweet he was, but the thing I admired the most was the energy he radiated when he lifted his hands and exclaimed ”It’s finally happening!”. I’m generally not the one to be excited by beginnings or endings, but I really did feel like a kid on his first day in college when he did that; I felt like I had something worth being excited about. We were thoroughly kindled by our brief encounter with the Dean.  As we walked away, we were also gently satisfied because we realized that what we really encountered was a way of life we had a year to get used to.

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