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As an aspiring entrepreneur, LBS was really a simple choice for me. I wanted a b-school that gave me a global business perspective. Understanding how the global supply chain works in our modern age is key for my future success. Where else can I learn about globalization and build international contacts in the most diverse b-school in the world? With more than 66 nationalities in my MBA class, I don’t need to look far away!

What also grabbed my attention was the curriculum. The first year is spent enforcing core managerial concepts such as strategy and corporate finance, which can be waived under certain circumstances. As for the second year, there are so many options! Starting from exchange programs, with more than 30 partner schools around the world, to electives which will really help me build my business such as Managing the Growing Business. I also have the chance to spend my summer at the Entrepreneurship Summer School, which allows me to test the feasibility of some the ideas that I have and be able to develop a business plan by the time I graduate!

Being the #1 MBA program in the world, LBS is THE place for me to build my skill set and contacts. By the end of the program, the world better be ready for me!

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About a year ago, when I was in the thick of prioritizing the programmes I wanted to apply to and of them, the ones I badly wanted to get into, I put London Business School on that list. Very high up on that list. In fact, on top of that list. I am not saying that because I am here now, but because I truly did want to be here then as much as I’m happy that I am now.

So, why London Business School (LBS)? Let me tell you right away, it wasn’t for the weather. :) It seemed to be the sort of place that attracted people who genuinely wanted to learn from a diverse peer group, to put themselves out of their comfort zones and make an impact. The school itself wasn’t paying lip-service to providing a global experience, but actually did. I was inspired by the personal courage and motivation it took the people who were here already to move continents to be a part of that experience. We are increasingly in a world where cultures and ideals collide everywhere we look, and the problems that face us increasingly remind us of the inter-dependencies between countries and economies. But there aren’t as many organizations that prepare us to work harmoniously and confidently in it, nor have many of us been as fortunate to have experienced this learning in the past. But at LBS, this reality is part of the very fabric of the education it provides.

Beyond that, there is a spirit about London and that spirit is very much a part of LBS. Just as it is in any other place, you might argue, but this place is special. There is something very classic, and yet contemporary; so much history and yet a striking modernity; an acceptance for the new and diverse, and still a respect for some time-honoured traditions. It is hard for me to say exactly which of these and in what order, influenced my decision. But all I can say is, I feel like I’ve come home.

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Time travels

Posted by: Harpreet

At the end of my first two weeks at LBS, I am confused about the speed of time here. In a sense it has just zoomed across; in one blink the first two weeks are already over. On the other hand, so much has happened over the past few days, it is hard to believe that its only been just a couple of weeks.

I won’t kill any of the surprises that you can cherish once you are here. But I must point out a few things that have fascinated me in this short time frame, about the school and also the city. So the three things that have stood out about the school for me:

  1. The institution’s capability to manage efficiently and effectively: From the power-packed orientation to our classes, from the famous away day to the club kick-offs, from career services events to complex simulations, everything is organized fantastically by the school. The prior arrangements for each thing happening over here seems to happen pretty much magically. As students, we never get to see any hassles, any panic situations. But the fact that each single thing is such super smooth, it is hard to not to appreciate the brilliance of the school staff. These guys definitely know a thing or two about management, and I will be happy to learn from them :)
  2. The thought that goes into designing each single activity: If the school thinks a student must learn a specific management principle, they go to any limits in making sure that the learnings are deep and long lasting. So that has resulted in exciting group simulations, physical team activities, interesting games, range of intelligently selected case studies, provoking class discussions, etc. etc. One can easily see the amount of thought and effort the faculty puts in here to make sure the lessons don’t remain words but become an integral part of our decision making forever.
  3. Diversity: I know you have heard it over and over again. Even at the risk of you stopping to read this post right away, I have to mention this. It does not get any diverse than this, period! There is no dominant nationality. I have friends now from Israel, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Venezuela, Portugal, and many many more countries (of course including States and UK :) ). Professions? From serial entrepreneurs to professional sportsmen to armymen to tech geeks to large businessmen to social entrepreneurs to media guys to the regular bankers and consultants, and everything in between. The breadth and depth of class discussions here is enriching and inspiring. If you want to learn to work in a multi-cultural environment, it seriously does not get better than this.

Apart from these serious things, there is ample amount of fun as well (on most times, much more than optimum :P ). In the next post I will try to capture that and also, what all  is making me fall in love with this great city called London.

There is so much to write and so much to share; the only challenge is time. It does travel. At what speed, I am still confused :)

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Seems like just yesterday that I received that haloed email confirming my place on the full time MBA Program at London Business School. Time since then has been punctuated, in fact almost littered with activities ranging from the wrap up and good byes at office to taking that one last vacation before coming to London. Once here, the pub crawls helped me quickly get familiar with the batch and settle in. This was followed by an absolutely mind blowing orientation week (more on this in my next blog).

Just a note on the diversity at LBS that really drew me here. Our batch has 66 nationalities and speaks 45 languages! In my study group too, I have an IT consultant from France, a luxury cosmetics manager from Russia, a derivatives trader from Australia, a Private Equity analyst from Japan, a management consultant from Egypt, and someone who worked for the government of Canada. And what is more, it’s a fantastic bunch of people at a world class institution.

Well, term starts tomorrow and I feel inundated with the list of things to I need to complete to be ready for class. But the learning is well and truly underway.

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