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The festive season officially starts tomorrow, when we can finally allow ourselves to dream of all the turkey, stuffing and mince pies to be consumed, shamelessly play M. Bublé’s versions of Christmas tunes, wear red jumpers featuring snow flake ornaments and pray that it doesn’t snow when we are dropping off our luggage in Heathrow heading south.

I thus cannot hide it from you any longer – LBS exams are coming. And our first one is on the 17th of December, exactly 183 hours before Christmas.

But panic not – I am here to provide some insight on how we, outrageously busy multitasking part-time finance students (and probably you in the years to come), are handling the workload.

LBS marks as 10% A+ 40% A 40% B and 10% C which generally divides MiF part-time course into 3 breeds of students:

Academics – who want to learn as much as possible;
Perfectionists – who want a degree with distinction; and
Yachtsmen – who want to sail through the course smoothly and get a degree.

I cherry-picked a sample of the class, based on the availability of their phone numbers in my address book, to ask a question “How are you preparing to face the FAA exam?” Here’s what they came back to me with…

Mr. Investment Banker –Go through class slides and all problem sets and tutorial problems, and if I have time – will review some main chapters of the book (and read the ones I couldn’t find the time to read before)

Ms. First Lady – I am taking it easy and betting on the fate. Will do some official preparation next week – I have already done all the lectures pre-reading and thus have a deep insight into professor’s brain. And if fate won’t work – Santa will

Mr. Money Maker –Hmm… I am not

Mr. Strategic Portfolio Manager –1 chapter or the course book + 1 tutorial exercise per day, followed by a problem set; taking a 1 week holiday before the exam to do the 10 cases from our classes, recalculate all the ratios, go through handout slides, and to practice using my brand new Texas Instruments calculator

Mr. Commercial Banker –Promising myself not to revert back to my historic predisposition for last minute cramming, ending up in a couple of weeks of good old-fashioned late nights and tired eyes; coupled with some days off and extra-strong coffees

Mr. NGO Donor with a CFA –Reading professor’s textbook, reviewing problem sets and doing the past paper questions whilst having beers in the Windsor pub

Mr. Research – Trying to fill in all the gaps. I think professor’s book is a really good summary of what I learned and I find myself reading a lot of it… Actually its not true, never read it in detail during the year as I should have done

Mr. Lawyer –Reviewing past exam papers and hoping the same questions will come up this year. I am not much of a revisioner when it comes to these kind of things

And me? Before my driving practice test last month I posted a short message on one of the social network sites, asking God to help me pass. And pass I did (thank you !!). So having identified a very effective way of communication with Him, I will just write another post =D

DISCLAIMER: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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