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All work and no play make Jack a dull boy…

Posted by: Mihir
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… says the wise old (clichéd) proverb; “but he sure will get the best grade/job along the way” counters the new-age student.  So where does one draw the line and perfect that elusive ‘work-life balance’?

My MiM life is divided into three key components. First, there’s the Academics – course module lectures, seminars, assignments and the personal development program. Career comes next with job applications, interview preparation, company presentations and skill building workshops. Finally I have my Social life; the things I do to fill the time between the former two which would include participating in clubs and societies, sports, hobbies, parties, events and meals with friends.

I don’t need to emphasise the importance of Academics. It’s the main focus of your time here interspersed with following your career goals and next steps after LBS. So with these 2 taking up the bulk of your time and energy, where does it leave the Social aspect?

What I find best about my time so far is that LBS has recognised that we are, after all, human with the innate need to have our share of time away from the ‘grind’. The sundowners are one such example of the university promoting students to mix business with pleasure and mingle with one another. The clubs and societies have also been fantastic opportunities for me to pursue my personal interests outside the core curriculum. There’s no minimum requirement to get involved, but I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to meet like-minded and yet diverse individuals from different streams and courses.

The simple fact that we have elected social leaders to represent our class to organise events, parties and trips is a testimony to the University’s encouragement to develop outside the classroom as well as inside it. Our weekly MiM bulletins highlight the best places to check out in London – a city with no dearth of locations for idle excursions.

So my ideology? I’m here at London Business School to take in all that I can in my year. So far, it has been a treasure trove of opportunities to gain knowledge and invaluable career advice, but I’m going to make sure that I enjoy the whole package. I’m looking forward to treks to places I have never visited, the annual LBS Tattoo and summer ball,  Diwali & Christmas party (after a superb Halloween event) and making sure that I get a taste of some of the best restaurants in the world that are scattered throughout the city.

So I’ll end with another cliché, “It’s not the destination, but the journey that matters most”.

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When I first heard about the Masters in Management program, it was pitched to me as a very practical program or a program where you can pick up a lot of practical knowledge.  Whilst I had one definition of what it could be, I still wondered what a practical program exactly is.

1.)  Courses: We had four courses last semester and they were very, you guessed it, practical. So we actually performed regression analysis, identified personality biases and debugged financial statements. Yet the common factor, which makes such practice useful, is that we do these as part of solving a bigger problem. This not only makes the learning enjoyable but also helps us better understand real world applications of these skills.

2.)  Clubs: The clubs are an awesome resource to learn how things really work out there. The biggest learning comes from the exceptional MBA students who are more than willing to mentor and pamper you. I’m part of the Impact Consulting club that gives me amazing opportunities to work with strategy consultants and learn how things work in their world while also nurturing my interest in the development sector. I get to learn a lot about dealing with clients and problem solving. Almost every MiM student is involved with one club or the other and the skills they pick up serve them well beyond the job hunt.

3.)  Others: There are still so many other opportunities to pick up skills you’ll use in a work environment. Business Immersion Week, Career Week and the Exchange programs offer plenty of opportunities to not only learn how things work but also get your hands dirty through workshops conducted by the participating companies.  You can also take up numerous roles of responsibility such as that of an Academic Representative or a member of the Business Connections Committee which provide you with a wide variety of management skills. Besides these, Career Services is always working to setup interactions with people working in the sectors of your interest and these interactions provide you with the inside scoop, the kind you don’t get in classrooms.

That’s a practical program.

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