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While its +30C in London, Dublin is true to itself with “rain drops keep falling on my head” ©. Which is actually not that bad when you have a mammoth assignment for FAA. And when I say mammoth – I mean mammoth:

(i) Problem set featuring 6 exercises (which take 1 hour each on average) and are “scored based on accuracy and evidence of effort”;

(ii) Group report comparing 2 companies in different jurisdictions. We decided to pick H&M vs Inditex (Zara) to bring some style into financial statement analysis;

(iii) News watch briefing, which we might even have to present in front of the whole class;

(iv) Read 172 pages of textbook, Fin Statements of 3 companies and some other bits and pieces.

And one last point – everything that could be done in a group (i-iii) should be done in a group… (would like to use this opportunity to say hi to Cherry, Joao, Tim, Zu and Preetham! You are a really cool team!)

So how will we do all of this when a 1/3 of the group commutes? (yes, its only 2 people, but I am one of them, so it is of major importance). I will try to be smart here and not give away something, which could in fact be our competitive advantage, and will only briefly mention that Google docs rule! Split the work, share the template and work away! Awesome! Top it up with a conference call on Sunday morning – and your effort and understanding will not remain unnoticed! I guess I should say thanks to Alex Bell as well :)

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